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Best Travelpro Luggage Reviews in 2023 [Complete Buying Guide]

Today you are going to read the complete Best Travelpro Luggage Reviews in 2022 [Complete Buying Guide] [Essential Information]. Top 5 (five) “The Best Travelpro Luggage Reviews” Travelpro which has a great stylish and modern design, bearable price, lifetime worry-free warranty, high-quality polycarbonate, abs & ballistic nylon material, and durable spinning wheels are explained below.

Now I explain the reviews of the best travelpro luggage reviews online brands according to my research and customer reviews. Travelpro is one of the best luggage from 10 suggested luggage brands.

Actually, I research hundreds of the best travelpro luggage bag brands. Among them, I selected only some best carry-on luggage bag brands. I emphasize their brands and their history, Materials, and their quality to select their one.

For selecting a piece of perfect luggage, firstly we emphasize carry-on luggage update fashion and its acceptability. And secondly, we emphasize on maintaining travelling rules and regulation.

In conclusion, we also consider extendable handle, fabric quality, color durability, the resistance of water, dimension as well as weight. In addition, we check spinning wheels and above all durability.

You may see below why is Travelpro the best carry-on luggage bags brands. Now I will discuss the best carry-on Trvelpro luggage brands online and review Travelpro brands.

Why are travelpro brands in the list of best carry-on luggage brands?

Among the world best carry-on luggage brands Travelpro get 90 points out of 100 and placed it third position..

The quality reviews of Travelpro luggage:

I will try to review the quality which makes the Travelpro brands trusted to customers.

From the reviews of customers, I knew that Travelpro brands are the best carry-on luggage bags online for their durability. They have an indoor testing facility where every best carry-on luggage bags are hardcore tested before going on sale in the market.

Travelpro luggage Lifetime warranty details here:

The Travelpro brand carry-on luggage bags come with either a limited lifetime warranty or worried free warranty. You can notice that Seldom luggage manufacturers offer more than five years of warranties. But Travelpro is given that.

Value: How Travelpro luggage created value to their customers?

Though Travelpro brands supply a high-end model with the best carry-on luggage bags, they can get quite costly (around $250). They normally try to supply a new model of the best carry-on luggage every year. They always supply durable, high-quality based material and fabric from the beginning of the brands which makes value to customers.

The cons of Travelpro Brands:

Design: Although it is not major, we would always like to see products of colorful of a large collection. The Travelpro brands looking are perfect for the business traveler and flight crews, but not exciting for leisure. They give largely importance to its manufacturing quality.

Price reviews of Travelrro luggage:

Although some products are available for around one hundred dollars, expect to pay double for their best-in-class model the Travelpro Platinum Elite luggage.

The history reviews of Travelpro luggage in brief:

History is good, so all is good. The Travelpro Brands started their journey three decades ago, in 1987. Bob Planth, a Northwest Airlines Pilot, started it.

In the beginning, there are no wheels on most of the bags. Rectangular-shaped luggage and a handle for carrying it are the most popular bags at that time.

The owner of the company realizes from time to time that they should improve the suitcase. Then they started to make the carry-on luggage with wheels and a vertical handle which became standard model swiftly for all other brands. Then all other company follow Travelpro and make luggage including spinning wheels.

Today Travelpro brands are used largely in the world and staff over ninety Airlines have used it. They receive it professionally and frequent flyers for its number one high quality.

Analysis reviews of customers:

The only customers can exactly say which is the best. As Travelpro has able to create loyalty of customers for supplying high-quality based products, it is hard to find one-star reviews about it.

Most of the customers select particular best carry-on luggage of dimension. Dimension is very important for the Traveler because all dimensions do not allow for flight. US airline allows a dimension of 45 × 21 × 9 inches. It may differ according to airline rules and regulations.

They are just an inch above the most common international size of restriction: 22×14 × 9 inches

After analyzing the reviews of customers, I noticed a matter that Travelpro has an almost cult-like following. Sometimes I noticed that they reported that they would collect the previous versions of their models five to ten years ago and now bought one due to its long-lasting durability. Advice to the customers before order the desired luggage :

From the bad reviews, I noticed the cons of the luggage is:

The best carry-on luggage bags dimension is often too large for international flights. Sometimes, the luggage zipper is broken and required to be replaced. When you checked the luggage, you may realize the spinner wheels are faulty.

Average rating from reviews of Travelpro luggage:

I noticed from reviews that the average rating of Travelpro is the best carry-on luggage bags are 4.4-4.8 out of 5. Undoubtedly it is one of the best ratings than others.

Materials reviews of Travelpro luggage :

Material is very important for durability. I have known from the Travelpro website and their worker that they use high-density nylon or polyester to make their fabric cases. For this reason, the bag is protected from water because of its water repellent finish.

The Maxlite 5 hard-side is made of Polycarbonate and recently we know it is the most usable hard-side luggage plastic on the market. You should know about Polycarbonate plastic or polymer. Polycarbonate is an amorphous plastic and has a standard for its hard side luggage/ trolley.

The travelpro luggage reviews is transparent that why it is easy to printed of different color and pattern. They makes the bag strong and ensures long lasting durability of the luggage. It is light in weight and so Polycarbonate helps to make the luggage light.

The products made by Polycarbonate resist high temperature. The polymer or polyester of Polycarbonate will bear high temperature. So, High temperature never harms them. The luggage made of polycarbonate is molded pretty and structured in different attractive shapes. It makes the product very flexible and perfect pressure during traveling.

Polycarbonate mainly uses in making luggage. It is lightweight.  Polycarbonate can bend and dent and it will easily go back to its desired shape. It is almost impossible to break and has the three highest levels of strength of all luggage materials.

The travelpro luggage reviews of Travelpro are made of airline high-grade aluminum, and all the corners, seams, and other elements that could get damaged are protected with the high-quality plastic guard or thicker fabric element.

The Quality reviews Of Travelpro luggage materials:

Travelpro ensures its quality and durability thoroughly tested their entire best carry-on luggage in the test labs before launching. It is noted that they test luggage and they do not launch it until they can ensure that the luggage is perfect.

Travelpro testes it durability by a special machine for jerking a fully packed case for hours. They use a machine test the spinner wheels by simulating a rolling movement on rocky terrains for several hours.

The seams and corners of Travelpro luggage are protected strongly with a plastic coating and thicker materials. The handles and wheels are attached with metal screws, so they could be swapped smoothly if anything is gone wrong.

And then he main retractable handles of Luggage’s were rigid and they are made of hard aluminum. The best carry-on luggage’s zipper looked way thicker than other brands.

From reviews, I collect information. People went on trips using Travelpro and share that they carry their suitcases on brick and dirt roads in lieu of plain road and threw them several times carelessly. But nothing was broken they expressed. They added that after using few months, It was new and there were no tears in the fabric or any other defects.

The reviews of Travelpro brands spinning wheels:

There are various patterns and types of wheels Travelpro wheel. Such as single spinner wheels, skate wheel, double spinner wheels, and magnetic self-aligning wheels. All the wheels are tested for hours by machine in the test labs before launching.

In the Maxlite 5, we can see four regular spinner wheels that are tested in the test labs of Travelpro brands. This is incredible that customers mentioned how easily they are rolling looked like a new brand.

Modern and very smart packing is available in Travelpro Luggage Reviews:

TravelPro carry-on luggage is packed with smart packing features. The packing features are so easy and there are zippered pockets, compression straps, mesh dividers, and waterproof pockets. The suit’s wrinkle-free compartment has been built by crew 11 and platinum Meghna 22.

Customers will get two outer pockets, two zipper mesh pockets inside, and compression straps to sit it on the place for Maxlite 5. For the best packing, you can follow the necessary travel packing tips and tricks.

Reviews of Travelpro luggage Fabric, Water and stain resistance:-

It is proved by reviewers or customers that the high-quality based fabric used in Travelpro luggage is usually coated with a water-repellent finish, so they don’t get wet after a light rain. According to a user of American Maxlite 5 are made from Polyester and The crew 11 and platinum Elite are made from nylon which is more durable than others.

Expandable width size and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved lockers:

The best carry-on luggage bags have an expandable width which expands about 25% additional packing space. The luggage is protected by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lock which only comes with hard side cases.

Travelpro Limited Luggage’s remarkable warranty types:

Travelpro usually serves two kinds of warranty for their travelpro luggage reviews. They are.

(01) Brand of Travelpro limited warranty and worry-free warranty are for checked bags and garments bags.

(02) Luggage of Travelpro lifetime warranty are for Crew 11 and Maxtile 5.

The great Travelpro luggage lifetime warranty is applicable for the defects of material and manufacturing of your luggage. You should know that one does not apply a warranty in case of airline damage, accidents, or tears of their luggage.

(Remarkable note: If you notice that your best carry-on luggage is damaged by Airline, inform to airport’s luggage center immediately. Airlines are responsible to pay the fees).

TravelPro luggage worry-free warranty is valid for the Platinum elite model. The warranty is applicable for airline damages and mishandling and an additional wheel is delivered with your luggage if it was broken when it checked in.

The Travelpro Luggage Reviews in Individual:

travelpro luggage reviews
Travelpro Platinum Elite on different colors.

Best travel suitcases Travelpro Platinum Elite:

Dimension: 21 × 14 × 9 inches, overall 23.5 × 14.5 × 9 inches.

Weight: 7.8 lbs.

Colors: (1) Bordeaux, (2)Rich Espresso, (3) shadow Black, (4) True Navy, (5) Vintage Grew.

Wheels: 8 wheels that make no noise while spinning.

Warranty: Worry-free lifetime warranty.

Extra aspects:

USB port (supported all kinds of devices). An expandable zipper can increase by 25% of the total dimension. Waterproof pockets, stain resistance structure, and stylish design.

The luggage is known as Travelpro Platinum Elite. Actually, it is upgraded to Crew 11.  I explained about the luggage above. Moreover, I show the causes below why it is one of the best carry-on luggage bags online in 2019.

The luggage has a “Worry-free lifetime warranty” which is more standard than a “ Limited lifetime warranty. There are different types of standard colors in The Travelpro Platinum Luggage. They are looked overall looks travel patterns and standards with times.

The best carry-on Travelpro luggage bags are made in a way that you can find compression straps that you may extend your comfortably, waterproof pockets, a standard length compartment for taking suits, and other smaller pockets.

The outer side of Travelpro luggage is made from high-density nylon with dura-guard coating fabric. The structure has given reinforced corners which improve the overall durability of the best carry-on luggage bags online drastically.

The Travelpro Platinum luggage has been structured with dual self-aligning spinner wheels that do easy its movement and tested wheel in the test lab before launching.

The luggage has an expandable zipper which has an extra 25% packing space. The luggage has a special matter that The best carry on travel luggage has a USB port for charging smartphones and other electronic devices (except power bank).

Briefly, I just tell you that it is a better alternative than Crew 11. Basically, because of the referred luggage is only a few dollars more. But you can get an improved lifetime warranty and a piece of stronger structured quality luggage.

You should bear in mind that the best carry-on luggage bags online repairing any damage of luggage is more expensive than a free warranty repair, so it is not nonsense to spend a few bucks extra for it.

Pros and cons:

Pros :

(1) Used stain resistance materials.

(2) Good shaped and modern stylish.

(3) Worry-free lifetime warranty.


(1) Price is relatively high.

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The best Travelpro Maxlite 5 Individual :

travelpro luggage reviews
Travelpro Maxlite 5 on different colors

Name: Travelpro Maxlite 5

Remarkable Aspects:

Name: Travelpro Maxlite  5

Dimension: 21.75 x15.75 x7.75 inches

Weight: 2.4 kgs/ 5.3 lbs

Volume: 39 L

Editors rating:  upto 4/5

Why is Travelpro Maxlite 5 the list of the best carry-on luggage online reviews?

I have explained about Travelpro Maxlite 4 above. Now I will discuss Travelpro Maxlite 5. Firstly I Show some differences between Travelpro Maxlite 4 and Travelpro Maxlite 5.

Weight: The weight of Travelpro the best carry-on luggage bag online Maxlite 4 is 3.53 kgs/7.8 lbs and the weight of Travelpro Maxlite 5 is 2.4 kgs/5.3 lbs. The differences between the two pieces of luggage are 2 lbs. Now you may understand which is light. Light luggage is comfortable to carry/move from one place to another.

The 4 spinning wheels reviews of Travelpro luggage have added ‍a unique acceptance to the customer.

First of all the wheels of luggage can rotate 360 degrees in any direction. Wheels are set up tightly and test them in the test labs with full loaded luggage. They are stronger and they will look new after 6 months which has proved a customer. The wheels are made in such a way that when they spin, they do not make any sound.

According to US airline rules and regulations, dimensions of 22 × 14 × 9 inches luggage or bags are prohibited or carry high fees for it. But this Travelpro is made to consider the restriction. Its dimension is 21.75 x15.75 x7.75 inches with wheels and handles which is under restriction. So, everybody can use it for any problem in airlines. Note: restriction may be varied from airline to airline.

Now you can see the expandable aluminum handle. The expandable handle is made of military-grade aluminum and it improves its hardness. Any kind of height man uses it smoothly but it is very perfect for one above 5.50 feet high.

The Travelpro Maxlite 5 consists of two exterior compartments, two pockets in front of luggage, a full-length lid pocket, a side handle, and a top handle. The great feature is its expandable width.  You can expand your luggage extra 2 inches by zipper.

Warranty reviews of Travelpro Maxlite 5:

The Travelpro Maxlite 5 is popular for its warranty. They are able to create acceptance and fidelity for a worry-free warranty. There are few brands in markers that are given such as warranty services. Its cost is slightly higher than Travelpro Maxlite 4, now you may decide which the best carry-on luggage bags are.

To buy this Travelpro, the best carry-on luggage bags online Maxlite 5 luggage, you would spend a few extra dollars than Travepro Maxlite 4. I think you can understand the cause of costly than  Travelpro Maxlite 4. Customers will get more facilities than Maxlite 4. I always suggest my customers buy goods products. Good products give you good services and you will be tense free from damage or any kind of harm.

Pros and cons:


(1) Very light weight.

2) Remarkable durability and high quality material.

(3) Greater qualilty than maxlite 5.


(1) Price is higher than Maxlite 4.

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Travelpro luggage crew 11 21 inches carry on expandable spinner.

travelpro luggage reviews
Travelpro crew 11 21 inches on different colors

Dimension:  case 21×14×9 inches, Overall 23.5 ×14.5×9.5 inches

Weight: 7.2lbs

Warranty: Lifetime limited worry-free.

Wheels:  Soundless 8 wheels with 360 degrees rotating.

Extra advantages:  USB for charging any kind of device.

How is Travelpro luggage crew 11 21 inches carry on expandable spinner?

Looking: Travelpro luggage crew 11 21 I inches carry-on expandable spinner is made of customers demanding and time-consuming. The luggage is not only stylish but also sturdy and modern.  As the maker has attempted best for modern young users, they invented a pocket for placed power bank and set up a USB port and any kind devices will be support for charging.

Dimension reviews of Travelprp luggage:

The exact dimension of Travelpro Crew 11 is case 21×14×9 inches. But the overall dimension is 23.5 ×14.5×9.5 inches. ( Note:  Most US airlines are allowed 22×14×9 inches. So, be careful and checked the dimension before launching airlines.

TraveoPro luggage Warranty: 

Only a few brands offer a lifetime worry-free warranty. Among them, Travelpro l crew 11 luggage brands offer a lifetime limited worry-free warranty. If your luggage is damaged by Airlines, the company will cover the expense of repairing it. I think that it is a great advantage of a Traveler or businessman.

Materials reviews of Travelpro crew 11 :

Fabric- The Travelpro crew 11 are made from high-quality ballistic nylon. Ballistic nylon is high abrasion resistance and durability. As ballistic nylon and modern technology are used for manufacturing Travelpro crew 11, it becomes more stylish and durable.

The Travelpro, the best carry-on luggage bags online crew 11 luggage are manufacture in a way by using ballistic and technologies, it is resistant from a stain and scratch coating. A damaged resistant supra guard zipper is attached and it’s long-lasting.

The most important thing about luggage is its various pockets. There are multiple inside and outside pockets specially designed for different uses. Pockets not only enlarge the beauty of luggage but also hold different tiny required things.

There are some pockets and they can extend for holding special something.  For example, for a long journey, one should bear a power bank or extra charging devices for charging mobiles or others. For holding these kinds of important things, they need more pockets.

Travelpro luggage is joined with high quality 8 spinner wheels. The wheels are strong and durability because they are tested in test labs before going market.

Travelpro crew 11 25 inches luggage is a slightly higher price than Travelpro Maxlite 4 and Maxlite 5. If you have enough money, I always suggest your best one. The best one gives you the best services and the best durability.

Pros and cons :


(1) Trusted material, stain resistance.

(2) 8 soundless 360 degrees rotating wheels .

(3) Lifetime limited worry free warranty.


(1) Price is slight high.

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Travelpro bold 22 inches rollaboard individual reviews:

travelpro luggage reviews
Travelpro bold 22 inches expandable rollaboard luggage in various colors and styles.

Brands: Travelpro

Travelpro bold 22 inches expandable rollaboard luggage reviews.

Dimensions: 21×14×9 inches. Overall: 22.5×14.5×9 inches.

Weight: 7.2 pounds.

High: 9 inches.

Width: 14 inches.

Travelpro bold 22 inches expandable rollaboard is the best choice able for travelers who like very light and visits different countries. The expandable carry-on is made of high-quality polyester and polyester lining.

the best carry-on luggage bags online is made of high-density polyester fabric. The high-density polyester fabric made the expandable carry-on luggage water repellent coating for greater resistance.

The best carry-on luggage bags online are naturally made for water resistance. Lighter rain cannot wet the luggage are proved. There is two side handle which you can easily use as a narrow place.

There are an adjustable aluminum handle and two normal handles. The aluminum expandable adjustable are strong telescoping aircraft aluminum that stops at 38 inches and 42 inches for users of different heights.

Design reviews of Travelpro Rollaboard luggage:

This Travelpro Rollaboard carry-on suitcase has two wheels on one side of the luggage. The wheels are tested in Travelpro testing labs with fully loaded luggage. When they confirmed that the Travelpro Rollaboard suitcase is totally fit for selling, and then they launch the luggage for selling.

The Travelpro Rollaboard the best carry-on luggage bags are strong because it has not only protective reinforced wheel housings but also strong skid guards which also protect high wear guards.

This Travepro, the best carry-on luggage bags online Rollaboard offers a lifetime limited warranty. This why customers remain tensionless because they cannot afford to repair costs. The company is promised to repair any kind of airline damages. It is noted that aircraft/airlines will pay damages to airlines.

Travelpro brands always ensure their durability providing not only high-quality materials but also test the luggage fully loaded in the Travelpro test labs for hours.

Packing reviews of Travelpro Rollaboard luggage :

There are six external slip pockets in Travelpro Rollaboard the best carry-on luggage bags online. Among them, there are zip pockets in front of the luggage. You can quickly access the pockets and can take any necessary things such as phones, cords, snacks, and so on.

There is a water-free book-style pocket in the luggage and you can take your things inside the pockets. The pockets protect your goods from wet.

Travelpro, the best carry-on luggage bag online  Rollaboard luggage has also a secret pocket back of the luggage and you can easily change your keys, electronic cables, phone, and so on.


(1) Light weight

(2) Lifetime limited worry-free warranty.

(3) Relatively low price.

(4)Testing and proved strong structure by test labs.


(1) Not totally water resistance.

(2) Not 8 wheels, only 4 wheels.

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Travelpro Luggage crew 11 25 ” Hard-side spinner suitcase individual:

travelpro luggage reviews
Travelpro crew 11 25 inches luggage of different colors and shapes.

Main aspects:

Name: Travelpro luggage crew 11 25 inches hard-side spinner suitcase, navy.

Dimension: 25×18×10.75 inches, Overall 27.75×18.5×10.75 inches.

Weight: 8.9 pounds.

Warranty:  A lifetime limited worry free (3 years after registration).

Material: Polycarbonate, 100% Polyester.

Body of luggage: Hard sided shell.

Colors : Carbon grew navy, obsidian black, silver and blue interior and so on.

Lock and security: TSA locker system (default lock code is 0-0-0 for opening).

Details of Travelpro luggage crew 11 25 inches hard sided suitcases:

The remarkable aspects of Travelpro brands are that they test their all products before going for sale. There is a test lab in the Travelpro brand and they test luggage with fully loaded. They checked all points of their product for hours. Then they launch their products after confirming that there is no fault.

They also emphasize on stylish and acceptability of viewers.

Materials of Travelpro, the best carry-on luggage bags online crew 11 25 inches: The Travelpro authority ensures 100% polycarbonate polymer and 100% polyester. I think that you know about Polycarbonate. It is lightweight, transparent, stain resistance, sunny resistance most durable polymer. Polycarbonate means trusted materials for any kind of customer.

Weight of Travelpro crew 11 25 inches: Its weight is only 8.9 pounds. So, not only the young generation but also aged men and women can easily use it. Dimension is not including the rules and regulations of US airlines, so be careful about traveling aircraft.

A power-scope expandable handle and two side handles are available for carrying Travelpro crew 11 25 inches suitcase. The expandable handle is made of aluminum.  It stops at 38 inches, 40 inches, and 42.5 inches. One can also use side bags for one’s wishes.

As this Travelpro is mainly be suggested for the crew. The crew usually visits for a long time. So, they would carry more necessary things. For carrying more things, the crew needs big luggage. That is why   I suggest the Travelpro crew 11 25 inches. It is comparatively fit for crews.

Interesting features of Travelpro crew 11 25 inches luggage:

It is difficult to carry loaded luggage because it is a piece of big luggage. But, you have no tension, it has 8(eight) self-aligning magnetic 360-degree rotating dual spinner wheels. They roll straight smoothly without drifting.

Travelpro, the best carry-on luggage bags online crew 11 25 inches luggage has many pockets. There are two secret hidden pockets inside the luggage and the pockets are water-resistant. There are some quick pockets where one can easily access.

Pros and cons:

Pros :

(1) High quality Poly-carbonate polyester trusted material is used.

(2)  Lifetime worry free limited warranty.

(3)  The luggage is very light in weight.


(1) The luggage does not have suiter system.

(2) It has no zipper expansion system.

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I think you must be able to select your best luggage. Thank you very much.

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