samsonite solyte dlx 29

Samsonite Solyte Dlx 29 inch carry on Luggage Reviews in 2022

Today you are going to read the complete Samsonite Solyte Dlx 29 inch carry-on Luggage Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022. The Samsonite Solit DLX 29-inch carry-on suitcase is designed for those who want to give their suitcases a modern convenience but a classic style. The dual caster and affordable USB charging come from the brand, which is known for durable and affordable luggage.

Samsonite Solyte Dlx 29 inches luggage:

samsonite solyte dlx 29

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Main aspect of Samsonite solyte 29 luggage:

Dimension: 13 x 21 x 33 inches.

Weight: 11.55 pounds.

Materials: 100% polycarbonate.

Price: under 260 dollars.

Warranty: 10 years.

Good aspect of samsonite solyte dlx 29 luggage:

1. Convenient liquid bogie helps prevent luggage leaks, which is one of the smallest travel disasters.
2. Embed USB charging port. You can use the overlay port if you need it, you can easily ignore it if you don’t need it.
3. Recognized brands have good guarantees.
4. Four double rotating wheels. The rotating wheel provides maximum mobility and moderate durability.

Bad aspect of samsonite solyte dlx 29 luggage:

1. There is no integrated TSA lock. You need to buy your own lock separately and if you travel regularly with expensive equipment it can be worthwhile to look for other options.
2. Without a laptop bogie, those who travel with a laptop but are not fit for personal items will have to buy an expensive under-seat carry bag equal to the Solitaire.
3. Color choices are limited. Blue, black, and gray are classic colors, but this means that the luggage taken from the luggage scanner will be like any other luggage.

The Best Samsonite Solyte Dlx 29 luggage Reviews & Buying Guide! Take it fast:

The Samsonite Solitaire DLX 29-inch carry-on suitcase is inexpensive and it is a powerful suitcase that can attract travelers with a more classic and humble taste. It has a unique expansion path, stackable under-seat pockets are sold separately, but it has a high price without laptop storage.

We like its inability, adjustable handle, wet bogie and easy USB charging function. We would like to see a built-in TSA lock at this price, but we are happy to recommend this bag because it fits most of our boxes and is guaranteed by a reputable company.

Full review of samsonite solyte dlx 29 luggage:

reviews of Samsonite Solyte DLX

Dimensions and weight of samsonite dlx 29:

The size of the Samsonite Solitaire DLX 29 Inch Portable Product is 33.0 inches x 21.0 inches x 13 inches. Most Airplanes are easy to use but you should contact your travel agencies or airplane.:

On paper, some airline guides here and there are more than half an inch to an inch Fortunately, carry-on size and weight restrictions are rarely effectively enforced in the United States and you may only encounter some more drastic problems at European airlines. If the duffel bag you bought almost meets the length, width, and height requirements of all airlines, you will get a very small duffel bag.

Available without wheels, handles, and outer pockets, dimensions Internal packaging space: 31.0 inches x 19 inches x 11 inches.

With a total weight of 10.96 pounds, this suitcase is completely empty, which is less than the modern average weight calculation for this suitcase size section. If you add your own power bank to charge using the included external USB, the number will be closer to 8 pounds.

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Materials & Water-Resistance review of samsonite solyte dlx 29 inch luggage:

The Soliet DLX is a soft-sided suitcase made of polyester, or as the marketing division of Samsonite says, 100% polyester. It has weatherproof treatment and water resistance is expected to be reasonable, but the waterproof degree is not as good as the composite shell of rigid plastic.

Since it’s a soft suitcase, if you don’t always pack very nicely when you go home, it can give you some way to extra pack your luggage or at least fold it under your clothes. Officially, Samsonite sets the capacity to expand to three-quarters of an inch.

This bag is not waterproof or tear-proof but it should be good enough for the ultimate travelers. If you are planning to travel to the Philippines during the typhoon season, please consider buying a hard case. For everyone else, starting from the carb to the cab and vice versa.

Durability review of samsonite solyte dlx 29 Luggage:

One of the major problems for any traveler buying new luggage is its durability. Whether you travel once a year or several times a month, you need to make sure your suitcase can take you back.

In turn, the wheels, handles, zippers and fabric angles are the highest points of failure. When analyzing user comments online, we found no caution in any of these areas. The original idea of ​​our handle is positive, for the button lock handle, it feels comfortable and strong. The handle is not full.

With luggage on luggage, you can better control the extreme situation of the suitcase but it can still cause zipper failure and wheel breakage. With a brand like Samsonite, you can at least make sure that the design has been thoroughly tested and that the products you get will go under higher quality control than before.

amazon Samsonite Solyte DLX2

Moveability of samsonite solyte dlx:

The bottom surface of the Samsonite Solitaire DLX is equipped with steel bearings with four double casters, making it extremely sleek at airports or hotels. If you’ve never used a two-wheeled suitcase before, it’s hard to get back to life with two wheels. The 3-0 degree movement makes them easy to move sideways with the help of narrow isles, otherwise you will have to roll up your luggage.

The suitcase and all the double casters are very smooth in all directions, which will help reduce the pressure on the wrists or shoulders. The outline of the wheels is slightly longer than most wheels and if you pull them on a narrow road you can help clear the gap, but this means they can be a bit harder to install without an overhead bin.

Generally, people think of the wheel as an outstanding feature of the bag. Although this is a new product line, we found no reports of wheel damage, and only a few customers identified the problem of getting stuck in the crack. Most casters have unfortunate compromises.

Unique Features of solyte dlx 29:

You can use the Solit series of 17.5-inch stackable seat cushion bot bags to extend this portable item sold individually. The Iridit Solitaire tote bag can be used as a private item by most airlines and using a thick sleeve on the back of the toto bag it can be placed very nicely on top to hold it in the telescopic handle.

This solitary bag comes with the same stackable sleeve, which allows you to stack it on top of your larger checked luggage so you can carry multiple suitcases with you.

The 29-inch ‘Solit DLX’ has no laptop storage box, this feature is only available in the ’17 .5 ‘mentioned in the upper seat bag.

The waterproof interior with zipper prevents its 3.4 ounces of liquid from turning your packaged clothes into a sunscreen salad nightmare.

Basic USB charging, no power bank connected. Brands like Away Luggage include a small integrated power bank. However, Samsonite’s decision to refuse to use the power bank has the advantage that if you already have a power bank or do not plan to use the function, you will not need to pay for the things you need.

A notable exception to this package is the lack of integrated TSA locks. Although it is not so important to put check luggage on the luggage, the locks force TSA agents who want to churn the suitcase to open in front of you.

Samsonite Solyte DLX 29 style

Design and color of samsonite solyte dlx 29:

The products in the Solit series have a classic, low-key style, suitable for any business professional. It has three colors. Black, blue and gray, or as Midnight says Samsonite, the Mediterranean is blue and mineral gray. You can tell what color the studs are.

The color is safe and can be difficult to distinguish from a large number of other black, gray and blue suitcases, which will be placed side by side in the overhead buggy.

The blue and gray options have a light blue lining on the inside, while the black version has a gray interior.

The included USB port is very nicely built on the back of the latch, so it looks like you’re not turning on the computer, which makes the task of built-in charging much more than other modern luggage designs.

Warranty review of samsonite dlx 29:

The 29-inch Solitaire DLX has a 10-year limited warranty, and since Samsonite has been in business for over 110 years, you can use it for another 10 years if you wish. Warranty needs to be claimed.

It should be noted that this warranty does not cover accidental damage or normal wear and tear. Your warranty may not be transferable by the user, and only applies to the original buyer or gift recipient and includes replacement or repair, especially in cases of ‘defective manufacturing materials and craftsmanship’.

To claim the warranty, Samsonite will need to provide you with a receipt and you will be responsible for the cost of sending it to the repair center and will bear the cost of returning the Samsonite product. It’s not the most comprehensive service in the industry, but we believe most people don’t need to be particularly generous to guarantee their carry-on accessories. Checked luggage is misused after closed doors, so you may need additional insurance to prevent accidental damage.

However, Samsonite maintains a high score in the customer report due to customer satisfaction. When evaluating a company’s warranty, it is important to consider outside of strict coverage on paper. There is no guarantee that you must overcome obstacles and seek sports support.

Customer Support An integral part of any warranty is that Support Agents need to have a fair judgment and an agency that gives them the freedom and motivation to solve their reasonable problems. Samsonite provides good support If your problem is not covered by warranty, it has a good reputation for customer service and it is worth contacting.

Value under the price of samsonite solyte:

At the lower end of the price of this size class of Samsonite. Dual rotating wheels, USB charging, and wet pack zipper pockets can bring you a solid price offer. Especially since this package is rarely sold at MSRP.

The profit point of all products is declining and luggage is no exception. After a certain price, it is not enough to justify the price increase, including features, warranty coverage, or major changes. This bag is in the best position but we would like to see a TSA approved lock and built-in battery pack.

Final review and decision:

Currently, we often need to carry the Samsonite Solitaire DLX 20 inch tote bag. We like the use of the seat bottom pocket and the one-hand stackable design but we don’t want you to have to buy a seat base when storing your laptop. The outer bag size of the 29-inch Solitaire DLX is only 10 ‘x 12’, which can’t accommodate very small ultrabooks, the Solita Indiana fits most 15-inch laptops. If you need laptop storage, it’s best to buy a handbag that can meet your needs, such as the TravelPo Maxlight 5 we’ve reviewed here, as the full price of two bags of Solitaire has become expensive.

We usually prefer a suitcase size that is large enough to hold and can meet the size restrictions of some American airlines without problems. It has a large deep main buggy that can hold more things and in most cases we need to pack it. The wheels are great and the handles should be suitable for people of all sizes. We are relatively confident in its durability.

The handbag is in abundance in the market Thousands of people have traveled for a year or more and searching every comment on the internet, we have very little reason to worry that it will stand the test of time. With the exception of a few reports of failures to close, the percentage of reports of relative failure in corrections is also much lower than average.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on high-end luxury items like soft foam handles, GPS, advanced charging devices, locks, or laptop holders, you can often find this bag under MSRP which is definitely a product worth buying. We think 29-inch Solitaire can meet the needs of DLX handbags, and the price is reasonable.