samsonite freeform 24

Samsonite Freeform 24 inch Luggage Review in 2022

Today you are going to read the complete Samsonite Freeform 24 inch Luggage Review and Buying Guide in 2022. The Samsonite freeform 24-inch luggage is Samsung’s most popular hard protective case. The 8.5-pound suitcase we’re looking for has all the important modern features.

Samsonite freeform 24-inch hard-side luggage:

samsonite freeform 24

Main features samsonite freeform 24

Dimension: 13.39 x 10.58 x 27.95 inches.

Materials: 100% Policarbonate.

Weight: 8.5 Pounds.

Price: Below 170$.

Good aspects of Samsonite freeform 24 inch:

  1. Unique modern design, providing more than ten color options.
  2. Recognized brands have a long-term warranty.
  3. Includes an integrated TSA code lock.
  4. Scalable, lightweight, with great packaging weight/volume ratio.

Bad aspects of Samsonite freeform 24 inch:

  1. Matte colored polypropylene shell is easy to scratch.
  2. There are several options for internal picking.
  3. The reported wheel failure rate is above average.

Take Samsonite Freeform 24-inch fast:

The Samsonite Freeform 24-inch carry-on suitcase has all the necessary functions and nothing more. It is suitable for low weight and low price of the bag. You won’t find USB charging, many pockets, laundry bags and partitions in this suitcase, we think it’s great. These omissions keep the weight below 7 pounds which is impressive to carry.

Samsonite freeform 24 inch has a modern style and offers many unique color options. Unfortunately, they are all at risk of wear and tear, beyond what we consider ‘standard’ Although this can be a hassle for larger checked luggage on the free-form production line, it is not a big problem for 24-inch portable luggage. But remember to take it up and down.

If you want a lightweight, expandable carry-on suitcase, this is worth considering because it has 4 pillars in a modern suitcase. Strong, rotating wheel, long telescopic handle, and TSA padlock.

Dimensions & Weight review of Samsonite freeform 24:

samsonite freeform 24

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The size of the Samsonite Freeform 24-inch carry-on suitcase is very suitable for 24-inch x 18-inch x 11.50-inch packaging and the overall size is 53.5 inches. This can maximize the cargo quota of most airlines without increasing the fortune.

The important number here is the available interior space in many hard side suitcases, these interior spaces are usually out of proportion, but there are many free-form available spaces available, exactly: 27.95 inches by 19.57 inches by 13.39 inches. Thanks to the flat design part of the telescopic handle, Samsonite has achieved maximum internal volume.

The best part is that the bag weighs 8.5 pounds, an image that can only pass a few solid objects. If you fly often, your back will thank you.

Materials & Water-Resistance of Samsonite freeform 24:

samsonite freeform 24

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As we mentioned earlier, the Freeform is a rigid suitcase made of injection-molded polypropylene. It can provide great impact protection for everything you carry with you, although we can’t say the same for its scratch resistance. We think most people would take out a school bag with a broken laptop or camera.

As with all hard cases, you can expect this bag to have excellent water resistance. Unlike all hard bags, this bag is equipped with a separate expansion zipper, suitable for those who need to pack. It is very suitable for heavy packers, who want to transform life without check luggage, but they are sure that they can choose to fill the packaging.

The durability of Samsonite freeform 24:

Based on practical experience alone, durability is always difficult to quantify. The handles and wheels feel special, especially if they are not premium. The zippers in this bag are the best they feel and look quite sturdy. I especially like the flare hoop design on the zipper tie.

The best way to measure sustainability is to look at the practical experience online. We’ve provided a new way to help with word removal and users of this package report good but not good results. The wheels seem to have exceeded the point of failure of this package and everything else. The wheels break and the pockets break as the trip progresses, but in most cases, Samsonite’s extended warranty will keep you covered. But remember, if you are not careful, this is a suitcase that will scratch and scratch. If you are interested in keeping your luggage clean, you can choose other methods.

Liquidity of Samsonite freeform 24:

The casters are the only way to go and you can’t go wrong with the four steering wheels. Samsonite freeform swivel caster double caster wheel sets are no different, they can be easily rotated anywhere you carry.

Rollers should be reserved for those of us who drive on dirt roads in remote island hotels. Any taxi driver staying at any hotel or airbnb should choose a rolling suitcase, which will not disappoint.

Additional features of Samsonite freeform 24:

The bag has top-level features that we want to see and we don’t want to see any second-level luxury or convenience features. It has rotating wheels, beautiful button handles, extended zippers, dividers and TSA locks.

The TSA lock in the leather bag is a bit delicate but it is a great addition to any suitcase. Of course, built-in padlocks will not protect you from a very determined thief, but like security cameras, they are much more resistant and safer than traveling travelers.

The inner zipper pocket is somewhat inadequate and the large core pocket on the divider is not particularly wide, but it is suitable for documents and anything long and flat. The second pocket of the bag fits your most dense briefs.

Everything on the top of the divider should be held firmly in place and the attached fabric cross strap helps to keep it in place at the bottom.

Design of Samsonite freeform 24:

samsonite freeform 24

We are fans of freeform shell design. It looks modern and unique, but not clumsy. Even better, this suitcase comes in more than a dozen colors, most of which are unique, and about half of them can be considered unisex.

For handbags in this price range, the Samsonite Freeform comes with a very high-end accent that doesn’t catch people’s attention. The beautifully edged metal label on the front of the bag and above the zipper from the recessed Samsonite metal plate in the center. The bag looks great to look at, it should be easy to stop early to find and wait for the island to land.

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Warranty of Samsonite freeform 24:

The 24-inch Samsonite Freeform is backed by Samsonite’s fairly strong 10-year limited warranty. It should be noted that this warranty does not cover accidental damage or normal wear and tear. The user cannot transfer your warranty, which only applies to the original buyer or gift recipient and includes replacement or repair, especially in the case of ‘defective manufacturing materials and craftsmanship’.

To claim the warranty, Samsonite will need to provide you with a receipt and you will be responsible for the cost of sending it to the repair center and Samsonite will bear the shipping cost of the return. It is not the most comprehensive service in the business and there have been increasing reports of warranty claim denials in recent years but we believe that most people do not need to carry a particularly generous warranty. This check baggage is the most offensively risky.

However, Samsonite maintains high scores in customer reports due to customer satisfaction. When evaluating a company’s warranty, it is important to consider outside of strict coverage on paper. You are not guaranteed to overcome obstacles and take the help of sports.

Customer support is an integral part of any warranty, and support agents need to have a fair judgment and the necessary leeway to resolve issues within a reasonable range. Samsonite provides strong support, even if your issue is not covered by the warranty, it is advisable to contact its customer service.

Value of Samsonite freeform 24:

This is what we think it is a great quality bag It has everything you need, but you don’t have it. You can find bags with a better warranty, more inner bags, and other bells but you have to pay for them.

Lightweight material selection and function, both at a reasonable price and at a reasonable price, it is a sturdy and worry-free travel bag for any discerning traveler.

Our verdict of Samsonite freeform 24:

For some reason, the Samsonite Freeform is a very valuable suitcase. It has been on the market since 2016 and has been tested for travel for several years. Reports higher than average wheel failure cannot be avoided, but they should not be done in excessive amounts.

Among the retailers we track, the average written review of the 24-inch handheld version of this handbag is 83. This number is masked when you look at the average user rating for the entire product line.

In addition to the concerns about the wheel and the comments of general users, it is very difficult to find a hard shell of a well-known brand in this price range, which can fulfill all the basic functions of Freeform. And he lost 8.5 pounds.