samsonite centric 24 spinner

Samsonite centric 24 spinner Luggage Reviews in 2022

Let’s face it! Today you are going to read the complete Samsonite centric 24 spinner Luggage Reviews & Buying Guide in 2022. The Samsonite Centric is not the cheapest bag at Samsonite brand, but it is suitable for travelers who carry old luggage and do not need to use a bag with a line2 linear inch upper limit.

Samsonite Centric Hardside Expandable Luggage 24:

samsonite centric 24 spinner
Details at a glance:

Dimension: 11 x 16.5 x 24 inches.

Weight: 8.5 pounds.

Materials: 100% polycarbonate.

Price: under 200$.

Warranty: 10 years.

Good review of Samsonite centric 24 spinner luggage:

  1. Hard-side with scratch-resistant texture.
  2. In modern design, there are many colors to choose from.
  3. Samsonite 10 year limited warranty.
  4. TSA-approved lock.

A Bad review of Samsonite centric 24 inch luggage:

  1. A single caster is more likely to be jammed.
  2. Grid divider and weak horizontal band.
  3. Prices are higher than most Samsonite bags.

Take Samsonite centric 24 spinner luggage fast:

This is a piece of beautiful luggage from the largest luggage brand in the world. We found that the internal divider is a bit different, but the overall package is easier to recommend. Our consumer ratings on this bag are particularly high, but unfortunately, the price of this bag is the same. It is at least higher than most Samsonite bags in this size class. For most people, this is still affordable, but the price may not be enough for shopping. Luckily, you’re reading this review, so you don’t have to make any persuasive decisions today.

Dimensions and weight of Samsonite centric 24-inch luggage:

The dimensions of the Samsonite Centric 24 spinner are 26.5 ‘x 17.75’ x 11 ‘and the linear size with the wheel is 55.2’.2 This puts the bag below the standard maximum of 62 linear inches. The size of the inner packaging is 24 ‘x 16.5’ x 11 ‘, the size is slightly reduced, and the empty bag weighs 9 pounds.

If you can’t fully adapt to the lifestyle of weekend travelers and people who like to travel light or with no load, a 24 inch tested luggage is a good choice as an extra 2 inches length adds more interior space and makes you forget less on the plane.

In terms of weight, this bag is slightly above average for a sturdy box of this size. Don’t worry, because it’s hard to reach the 50-pound weight limit with a bag of this size. Even if you smuggle gold bars or carry 3 full cosmetic bags full of different shampoos and conditioners.

The weight of the suitcase becomes a bigger factor in larger suitcases and carry-on luggage, as two people often conflict with the airline’s weight limit when it comes to packing luggage. In this form, it pays to add some more durability.

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Material and water resistance review of Samsonite centric 24 luggage:

samsonite centric 24 spinner

Polycarbonate has all the water resistance, which is half the reason why people choose it under strict surveillance. Another reason is that you can withstand a lot of hits, kicks and stab wounds while protecting your belongings.

If you carry camera equipment or a fine travel that is too heavy to carry with you, a rigid polycarbonate suitcase like this would be an easy task. Even if you travel with only 4 pairs of pants and 12 shirts, the hard suitcase is nice to look at and the age is good.

We especially like the tweed fabric used on the outer surface of this suitcase, as well as many other fabrics we get.

Durability review of Samsonite centric 24 luggage:

samsonite centric 24 spinner

Durability is the strength of almost all polycarbonate shells. Weakness handles, seams, and wheels of all hard boxes. Our bags are handled very well, we have no problems with the wheels but there have been reports of bags being handled poorly, which can be attributed to the quality control of the wheel tolerance.

Don’t worry, you should pay attention to check your luggage properly when you encounter a problem.

When empty the overall rigidity of the suitcase is slightly lower than that of the rigid suitcase. Especially if you plan to put one more bag in it when passing through the airport, as it has some flexibility. If you pack lightly and plan to put a heavy backpack in it, or tuck a Samsonite pocket bag over the handle, like the Samsonite Indenter bag we reviewed last week, this could be a problem.

Considering our luggage customer scoring standard we got a high score of 80 points (within 100 points). This score reflects the careful review of this handbag by the store owner. When reviewing the reported failure events, it places special emphasis on durability.

We didn’t get too many suitcases from Samsonite, nor did we see 80 or more suitcases, so this is a reliable sample, which may help to justify the extra cost of the suitcase compared to other suitcases on the Samsonite line.

It is worth noting that these scores are not centered overall, but for specific bag size, so the total assessment is not in the thousands, but in the hundreds. We still think this is a statistically significant number of comments and we are happy to recommend this bag.

However, it has high durability using all tested baggage which is physically permissible. If you do not like piles of suitcases, this bag may fail because it is cheap.

Liquidity of Samsonite centric 24 Spinner luggage:

As we mentioned in the ‘Stability’ section, there are some reliable reports of wheel problems. We can’t talk about this situation because in our case, the suitcase works great with ordinary caster sets.

However, at this price, we would rather see a double runner. Eight wheels are better than four wheels in terms of durability and exercise. With eight contact points with the ground, your bag won’t get stuck in grooves or gap forks, so the wheels aren’t likely to break.

In addition, the wheels of Samsonite Centric extend from the rectangular body of the bag, which has obvious disadvantages of durability and overall linear shape of the bag, but it is very common to use less wheeled pockets as it is more difficult to manufacture, complicates package dimensions and reduces overall spacing. By

As far as airline restrictions are concerned, duty clearance is not a reason for this baggage, as this medium-sized baggage is on the smaller end of the checked baggage. Generally speaking, the wheels are good. We have not seen any news of wheel damage. The above report has only raised concerns about wheel damage. Because of their size, they are small and often pulled for checked luggage.

Additional Features of Samsonite centric 24 spinner luggage:

samsonite centric 24 spinner

The Samsonite Centric has a balanced feature set and it is expandable, which means there is a second zipper on the length of the bag, which, if not unzipped, will bring you an inch or two of valuable assets, which can be used for other things. A bag of this size may require something.

We believe that for most travelers, a hard bag with a retractable cover is better than a cloth suitcase. It is true that the cloth bag still has a useful external zipper pocket, which is unfortunately lost from this suitcase and in most difficult cases it also contains. But it’s not a contract-breaking thing, because you don’t have to keep your boarding pass and you don’t have to light it up in your checked luggage.

This bag also comes with 3 combination TSA locks to make you feel safe when you travel with your favorite watch or with some of the gold bars we mentioned above.

The interior classification is trivial, with a large mesh pocket in the buggy. It lets you see other sizes of clothing, which is useful if you need to quickly search for the shirt of your choice. If the price is a bit basic, the caster and telescopic handles are also good.

Design review of luggage:

samsonite centric 24 spinner

This bag has many colors, which is a feature of any Samsonite bag. There are 10 colors for you to choose from but you can choose black either way.

We want to bring some interior design and details. Almost all hard bags open 180 degrees in a familiar design, so almost all hard bags have a belt on one side and a fabric partition/pocket on the other. Samsonite has chosen a mesh divider/pocket for the bag, which looks nice but looks fragile. If it is a bigger bag it will be bigger but we will choose more standard nylon partitions and pockets.

Similarly, the fabric cross strap on the other hand is very weak, thin, and brittle. I can see that as a point of failure, any one of these will become a problem, but for the most part, I have problems with thin cross straps to keep things straight. Others may like this grid divider but to me, it seems like a design flaw.

Warranty of Samsonite luggage:

Samsonite Centric 24 inch spinner is covered by a reasonable 10-year limited warranty of Samsonite. It should be noted that this warranty does not cover accidental damage or normal wear and tear. This applies even if you are not the person who caused the accidental damage, if the baggage handler decides to practice their Olympic shot with the suitcase, it will not cover you.

Samsonite’s warranty is also non-transferable by the user and applies only to the original buyer or gift recipient and covers replacement or repair, especially in the case of ‘manufacturing materials and crafting defects’.

In order to file a warranty claim, Samsonite will need to provide you with a receipt and you will bear the shipping costs at its repair center. Only if the damage is deemed to be covered by the warranty will Samsonite return the cover. If your claim is rejected at the end of the inspection, you will have to pay out of your own pocket to repair it or pay for the return of unloaded luggage.

It is not the most comprehensive service in the business. In recent years, reports of warranty claim denial have increased, but Samsonite has become more stingy when it comes to repairs, but it still maintains a good reputation.

Samsonite maintained a high score in the customer report due to customer satisfaction. When evaluating a company’s warranty, it is important to consider outside of strict coverage on paper. There is no guarantee that you must overcome obstacles and seek sports support.

Customer support is an integral part of any warranty, and support agents need to have a fair judgment and the necessary leeway to resolve issues within a reasonable range. Samsonite provides strong support, even if your issue is not covered by the warranty, it is worth contacting their customer service.

Price of Samsonite centric 24 spinner luggage:

This is not cheap luggage. We think a lot of Samsonite bags are biased towards the lower end of the budget, but this type of bag falls somewhere in the middle, which makes it difficult to evaluate this type of bag.

Of course, cheap bags made with samsonite have almost the same features and dimensions. In high-end products, some bags have made several significant upgrades, including dual wheels, more internal classification and stronger separators. In the end, it all depends on personal preference.

Everyone has a budget, if it fits your budget then this is a good choice. However, you might be more interested in spending half of it on a 24-inch Samsonite Omni and you can read reviews about the 28-inch big brother here. Also, if you have the money to spend, you can spend 30-40% more to buy high-end bags with some extra fancy. Within this price range, you’ll find things like Briggs and Riley’s Sympatico-hard-side spinners and you can read our full review of the Briggs and Riley brands.

As far as baggage is concerned, it is difficult to measure the value expressed in dollars. If it is only a matter of causation; You carry things backwards and then you win the cheapest and lightest leather bag to meet your size requirements?

When you start thinking about shelf life, amenities, protection, and even aesthetics, it usually becomes more difficult to solve this problem because everyone’s work focus is different. We think this handbag is reasonably priced, looks good due to the combination of its features and its dual knitting on the surface prevents good scratches, but if you consider the cheap Samsonite handbag or any other respectable use it’s brand.

Our verdict 

Samsonite Centric 24 spinner is a piece of good luggage. This suitcase is suitable for anyone who wants to protect their equipment and does not want to carry heavy luggage in the suitcase and climb stairs.

The driver’s journey for this suitcase has boosted our confidence in recommending the customer score luggage budget and this suitcase to the most affordable person.

If fake pockets don’t bother you and you don’t need a lot of pockets and interior picking tools, this bag will be perfect for you and it’s much better than most people still using luggage 8 to 10 years ago. Big improvement.