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Ricardo Beverly Hills Reviews in the USA and Canada

Today you are going to read complete Ricardo Beverly Hills Reviews in the USA and Canada. Actually, I discuss reviews of Ricardo Beverly hills luggage according to my friend. She is Paula.

A few years ago, when she started traveling, after marriage and before giving birth, the strength of her bags for packing clothes and essentials never caught my attention. Not once, she is very satisfied with the feminine design and any suitcase of big color because I have a tendency to over-pack. I will always and always will.

Nowadays she tends to travel with multiple luggage, three just for me, yes, she mentioned that she is a super packer, so the idea of ​​smelling luggage is unheard of. However, she recently received light and sturdy 21-inch Elite Roxbury 2.0 carry-on luggage from Ricardo Beverly Hills. I have to say that this suitcase is not only strong but also spacious. I’m obsessed with Ricardo!

I like Hard Shell Ricardo hills revelry luggage main features are:

Ricardo Beverly Hills Roxbury 2.0 25-Inch

  1. Strong.
  2. Light.
  3. Wide.
  4. Elegant and
  5. Easy bearable.

Dimension: 10.9 x 25 x 18 inches

Materials: 100 percent polycarbonate .

Weight: 9.8 pounds

Warranty: 10 years .

Price: under 200$

Ricardo Roxbury 2.0 is made of high-impact macro long polycarbonate. I don’t know, I still don’t know what it is, but it’s great and super durable This portable item weighs only 8.6 pounds / 3.9 kg. The Ricardo Roxbury operation is so simple and easy to handle that anyone can carry this light bag.

Did I mention the width? Yes! This suitcase is very expandable and I am very packed which is a huge advantage for these busy travelers as I mentioned a few years ago, I was looking for colorful and feminine suitcases, so when I got the Ricardo Elite Roxbury luggage and saw the beautiful black cherry color It was a big smile on my face. It’s appropriate.

This is how the bag looks like you.

My dissatisfaction with Ricardo Roxbury 2.0
Hardshell surface
360-degree swivel wheel
A few years ago I always had a soft and flexible suitcase. Ricardo Roxbury has a hard shell, which is completely different from mine. I actually like the look of the hard shell which can become somewhat accustomed.

I have never had a suitcase with a 360 degree rotating wheel. Yes, it is convenient to pull it by your side while walking but if you find yourself in a place where the soil is tilted completely, it is better to pay attention because your bag will start to loosen. Yes, he will go, goodbye to Ricardo Roxbury!

The latest thought
Overall, the Ricardo Elite Roxbury 2.0 Suitcase is exactly the suitcase I need to carry with me. It is very durable, light weight, stretchable and stylish. While I can bring larger suitcases for longer adventures, day trips, and even longer weekend vacations, Ricardo leather bags are at the top of my list.

Special offer of Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage:

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Warranty reviews of Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage:

Depending on the suitcase you get you will get a 10 year or lifetime warranty which is better.

10-year limited warranty:

If you encounter an error due to a material or craft error, you can repair or replace the suitcase for free. If you are under warranty, you only need to pay for the goods at the repair center. They will pay for the return.

This warranty does not cover wear, misuse or accidents. If the defect is not covered by the warranty, they will provide a small amount of repair.

Warranty is valid for ten years.

Limited lifetime warranty of Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage:

Basically, this warranty is the same as the 10 year limited warranty; It only lasts forever.

First-year ownership warranty:

If you register for the warranty within 90 days of purchase, you will receive the first year of homeownership in addition to the general warranty.

This warrant also results in damage to normal wear and tear (damage to zippers, locks, wheels and handles) and transit. This is quite good because most luggage brands will not cover wear and tear damage.

Support of Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage:

While your warranty isn’t bad, we’ve heard your support isn’t too much ‘support’. We’ve found that in many cases your customers complain that support is friendly and effective.

That’s why they got 10 out of 10 points in the guarantee category. If they improve their support they can get 9 points because their warranty terms are pretty good.

Price review of Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage:

You do it with you. Can take from 79.99. However, its premium model can be as high as 700 $.

In general, considering the quality, packaging features, and guarantee, their prices are quite surprising. Compared to competitors in the same price range, the lowest priced model (79.99 to 200) is a reliable choice.

In other words, we believe that their advanced models do not cost too much. We are talking specifically about models of 500$ or more which are very expensive for the products they offer.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Ocean luggage:

Dimension: 13 x 20 x 28.5 inches

Materials: 100 percent virgin polycarbonate .

Weight: 3.52 ounces

Warranty: 10 years .

Price: under 250$

Ocean Drive is a powerful, lightweight rotating suitcase, available in 4 sizes. This is the first of the Ricardo Beverly Hills series we will introduce here.

One of these 3 sizes needs to be carried with you and the other two need to be tested (depending on the aircraft you choose naturally):

These are made of macrolon polycarbonate; These components are not only light weight, but also very durable. It is also equipped with a TSA-approved guard post, which is really effective for those who visit the United States frequently.

An outstanding feature of this suitcase is its extensibility.

The suitcase comes with two universal wheels, which will make it easier to get to and from the airport. You can get incredible tactical skills from the suitcase and the retractable multi-level handle can only reinforce it. In addition to the retractable handle, there are top and side handles and an integrated bottom handle. Also, there is a retractable leather belt to attach to a bag, which will make it easier to carry other luggage.

Ocean Drive has 2 separate packaging bogies as the interior. The main buggy is equipped with fastening straps, large zipper pockets, and mesh side pockets. Also, the built-in suit tie and wrinkle tie rod in the front buggy are very useful, can really hold things right. Also includes a floating mesh zipper pocket and removable drawstring shoes/laundry bag. And a Removable waterproof bag for toiletries and other small items.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Seahaven 2.0 Softside luggage:

Dimension: 12 x 20 x 29 inches

Materials: 100 percent  lightweight and flexible polycarbonate  .

Weight: 3.52 ounces

Warranty: 10 years .

Price: under 160$

The San Marcos series feels more complicated than anything else given to them. In fact, this is because it is more durable, made with more expensive materials and has better features than cheaper models.

The San Marcos 29-inch checkered suitcase is made of weather-resistant nylon and is commonly used for high-end suitcases because of its durability. It’s not waterproof, but your items won’t get wet with light rain. To create a sense of luxury overall, light brown leather elements are used for zippers and handles.

This suitcase has two casters and a TSA approved lock. TSA locks usually come with a hard case and it looks good here.

Inside, the bag is divided into two parts, separated by a piece of cloth. It is equipped with suit bogies, stationary panels, removable TSA-approved bags, shoe bags, expandable zippers and multiple pockets (including dedicated pockets for luggage trackers).

They used the most durable materials and added the best features to the San Marcos series. If you can afford it, there is more value for money in this premium model.

Which Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcase is best for you?

Let’s face it! Ricardo Beverly Hills Reviews in the USA and Canada. It is basically designed to suit your specific needs, there are some suitcases that are really different. The first is Ocean Drive, which we mentioned in the article, which I think is a great suitcase for people who often have to travel to different places for business. I say this primarily because this suitcase has a number of features designed to make packing your business attire as well as anything else effortless.

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