repair wheels of luggage

How to Repair Wheels of Luggage or Suitcases in 2022

Today you are going to read the complete How to Repair Wheels of Luggage or Suitcases in 2022. The wheel of my favorite handbag dropped a huge piece during the trip after the plastic part of the wheel was completely discarded, not too much travel, only the small metalcore that holds the bearing. This allows me to scratch the terminal and wrap it around someone’s house so that scratches do not fall on my back. The size of the bag is pretty good except for the steering wheel, so I hate to throw it away. That’s what I did.

repair wheels of luggage

How to Repair Wheels of Luggage or Suitcases Step by Step: 

This is the completed How to Repair Wheels of Luggage or Suitcases in 2022 which will tell you everything you need before Reading the content.

Step 1: Bum repair Wheels of luggage :

I finally got my handbag: the rear wheel. He changed the meaning of ‘always carry’ from ‘carry’ because this thing is crooked and annoying. Now, if you first put a big wheel like mine, you may need to continue to get rid of its pain and then turn the rest of the wheel up so that you can get around the bottom. I think if you don’t want to try something to make it you can’t do anything with the molten wheel, but that’s another pointed goal.

Step 2: Wrap the Metal Core With Strips of Duct Tape:

If your wheel is lost like mine and your wheel is the same size:
Start tearing the masking tape so that the tape covers the width of the wheel hub. You can trim the tape around two turns and then it starts to get too narrow. For me, I was able to get three single width tapes. Turn the wheel until the exercise is equal to the other cycle.

repair wheels of luggage

If your wheel is bent: repair wheels of luggage:
For the curved wheel, if you want to repair it like me, you need to break the rest of the wheel or restore it to a round shape (this is another way).

Step 3: Bevel Edges If Necessary while rearing wheels of luggage:

My last wheel was a bit square and I wiped it on the frame of the bag, so I roofed the edges with a carpet knife. Make sure you don’t cut yourself.

repair wheels of luggage

Step 4: Ready to Roll, Again:

To cover the bevel edges of the duct tape I have added a layer of electrical tape so that it does not turn black like the other wheels when rotating. I applied the tape to the natural side of the wheel roll to help the tape instead of lifting the tape.

Step 5: Ready to Roll, Again when repair wheels of luggage:

repair wheels of luggage

Now you have revived your old bag. If you liked this tutorial, please visit my website for more interesting repair methods :

It is necessary to repair the luggage wheel:
Even before considering changing luggage wheels yourself, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. Therefore, here is everything you need for successful wheel reconstruction surgery.

Note: Please note that you do not need all of these items; It depends on the type of wheels in the suitcase and how it is installed.

Dear visitor if you are not satisfied, you can follow the below the process of repair wheels of luggage.

repair wheels of luggage

You will need these tools to remove the riveted or fixed wheel with the shape. If you already own a certain type of hacksaw, you do not need to buy a new hacksaw. However, you will soon see that it is very easy and quick to remove them with a drill.

If you are not 100% sure which screws can hold the luggage wheels in place, the best way is to set up an all-in-one screwdriver. In addition, if you decide to buy a dew drill bit, the best option is to buy a set of screws for it. Since it is a versatile tool, you can use it as a screwdriver or a drill bit, saving money in the long run.

Each of these kits includes two scores and two wheels to hold the bolts in them. Don’t worry if it’s too technical, I’ll explain the details of wheel replacement later. Until now, you need to know how to choose the right spare wheel for your luggage.

Typically, you need to distinguish between riveted wheels and bolt wheels. Therefore, you should buy the right kind of wheel for your suitcase.

As casters, you can install almost any type of wheel on your feet. The second set here is a set of wheels on the legs, but the alternative method I want to show you involves simply removing the wheels instead of the whole leg. However, if you decide to buy an intermediate set, this is what you need to know: loosen the bushing to release the bolts, loosen the whole wheel leg, tighten the new wheel leg (belt wheel) in place and nothing more.

Get the right size wheel!

One of the things you need to pay attention to is the size of the wheel. Your replacement wheels should be exactly the same size as your current luggage wheels. Otherwise, when you stand up, the suitcase will tilt to one side. All three sets allow you to choose from a variety of different wheel sizes, so choosing the right wheel should be easy as long as the wheels of the luggage bogie are properly measured.

Oh, I almost forgot – this could be another tool you might need, not just wheel repair:

I’m not kidding, because for almost everything, you can use some good tape to fix half of your luggage problem. I recommend this particular brand as black only. For aesthetic reasons it can be used for quick wheel repair. :>

Now that we’ve covered all the tools you need, let’s continue to study the various problems facing suitcase wheels and how to solve them.

Tighten the loose wheel

If the wheels in your suitcase are stuck, you can fix it in a few minutes. In fact, the wheel repair process is the easiest and fastest part of the repair process. It takes more time to decide which tool to use!

To find out what type of screwdriver to use or buy, you first need to determine the type of wheel bolt. The next step is to find the size of the screw. You can do this by measuring the length of the stem. Or, if the luggage has extra screws, their size will be displayed on the package.

After successfully searching the type and size of wheel screw, use the appropriate screwdriver. In general, your wheels are more likely to be fixed with ordinary hex or Phillips screws. Therefore, all you need is a set of tools hex screwdrivers. I guess you already have some Philip screwdrivers, because who knows, right?

Then, pull out the correct screwdriver and screw it in. Make sure it is at a 90 degree angle. You want to keep the wheels tight in the suitcase, but not too tight. The wheels painted too hard on it can cause jams and cause more confusion. Instead, rotate the bolt a few times, and then try to move the wheel. When you feel like the wheel has nowhere else to go, you can still tighten the screws a bit, you know you’re doing the right thing.

Advantage: If you want to go further, you can add some loctite to the screw. Thus, some plastic can be added to the end to ensure that it does not vibrate and lose due to long-term use (for example, 2 hours walking on French pavers!).

Silicone tire repair wheel

If your luggage is equipped with inline wheels, the wheels are probably made of silicone. One problem you face is that over time, the wheel will break into smaller pieces, making it impossible to rotate easily.

I was there and did it. Right? It’s easier said than done.

You will need a little patience and a roll of tape. First, if a large part of the wheel is damaged, you will need to remove the entire wheel until the metal base of the wheel is exposed. It seems retro but please trust me.

Next, make sure you separate the masking tape so that it is not wider than the bottom of the cycle. You then need to wrap the tape around the bottom of the wheel until it is as thick as the other unwrapped wheels. I suggest you choose your suitcase from time to time and try it out. Try rolling it in the room to see if you need to add a few more layers of tape to level the item. When you feel that the original and ‘new’ wheels are rotating evenly, you can stop rotating the base.

After that, you need to bend the edges a bit, especially when the edges rub against the luggage rock. Use a carpet knife or sandpaper for this operation; Be careful not to hurt yourself.

In terms of functionality, your suitcase should look like new. If you are concerned about beauty, you can always cover the duct tape with a piece of black electrical tape. You can’t tell the difference between two wheels!

Please note that this is only a short-term or temporary solution. Over time, the belt will refine, especially when you drag your luggage to uneven places. Eventually you will need to replace the wheels, which we will discuss later.

If you want a broad viewthrough of the process, you can go to this article here.

Reload the luggage wheel

This step will require more tools than the other two tools. The best option is to get the only wheel replacement kit from Amazon. I’ll link to some good ones in the next part.

repair wheels of luggage

There are different ways to replace wheels depending on the type of luggage wheels.

These are probably the most difficult to repair. Since you can’t just unscrew them, you must first cut the metal rods that hold them together.

Therefore, please also wear safety goggles and hacks. Carefully cut the rod to make sure you are not injured. Remove the washer and bushing from the rivet by hand, place the washer in the right place (put on the gloves, the rod will be hot!) And set it aside. You will need them. But you don’t need the wheel yourself, you can throw it away.

Place the old bearings on the new wheels, one on each side. These will help keep the hub in place and secure when you place the hub. After inserting the wheel into the hole, pass the screw through it and the bearing. Finally, place the washers on either side of the wheel and secure them properly. Then, you can insert a new rivet in the wheel and tighten to complete the last nut. Just don’t tighten them, otherwise, they won’t roll easily.

Here is a useful video that will show you step by step how to perform all these activities:

Bolt-on wheel (remove wheel cover)
First, you need to buy replacement wheels the same size as the wheels in the suitcase. Also, try installing wheels using the same type of bolts as your suitcase. These will be easier to replace because you will have all the tools you need.

Place the suitcase and unzip the tank inside. This will expose the nuts and bolts in the case so that the bolts are in place. Holding Use a wrench suitable for log bolts in your suitcase and hold them tight, then use a screwdriver to remove the bolts that hold the wheels firmly in place. To remove the screws, you need to turn them counterclockwise (tighten to the right, loosen to the left!).

There should be a small clamp inside the wheel. You must pull it out to remove the bolts and wheels. After completing this action, you can completely remove the damaged wheel and dispose of it.

Now, all you have to do is put extra tires on the wheel hub. Place the washer on each side of the wheel and fix it in place. You can do this by passing a paper clip over a slot in the shaft.

After successfully fixing the wheel in the groove of the wheel, re-case the hole and tighten it in place. Turn your suitcase around the room for a while to make sure the wheels are firm and firm.

Swivel caster accessories (with drill)

Although we are using exercises, it is a less aggressive process than before. Because of the islet rivets, you will need a drill to remove the wheel. You need to drill a hole in them so that they fall.

You can use a tax to cut the wheel axle but it brings more risks – it can damage the wheel legs. However, if you have not practiced, follow the steps below carefully and slowly.

The problem with these wheels is that they are also riveted but not all wheels are connected by large metal rods like the first. However, you still need to remove the rivets, so stuck in the drilling method. Determine the size of the hole and then use a suitable drill. If the width of the hole is 5 mm, use a slightly larger hole; 5.5mm would be the ideal choice. Remember, a slow and steady game will win – you want to pierce the top ring until you take a break. Too much drilling can damage the wheel or foot which we don’t want.

After this operation is over, the wheels should loosen easily. Remove all damaged wheels and clean feet. Then, simply attach the extra tires to the legs, pass the axle through them, and fix the axis to the end bolts. Make everything hard and voila.

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