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Privacy Policy Of Ebusinesshomes.Com

Each organization has its own privacy policy. My e-businesshomes have its own privacy policy. The main points of my privacy policy are

  1. Ensure storage of customer information.
  2. Adherence to the policy.
  3. Use information legitimately.
  4. Refrain from stealing or misusing information.
  5. Always make sure that no one is embarrassed for you.

My attention to all of you is that you will follow the principle of privacy nicely and always show respect for the law.

Visitors of Ebusinesshomes:

Visitors are welcome to visit the Business Home. We collect general information to ensure that visitors are able to answer questions and communicate beautifully, and to enhance their interactions with visitors personally. For example, to sign up for e-businesshomes, ask visitors to provide a username and email address.

Those who engage in transactions with the e-business home or for any other special purpose are asked to provide other personal information, including usernames and email addresses. This applies to different cases. I have said before that we provide 100% assurance to the viewers in case of data storage. The information sent by him will always be safe with us.

Information security policy of

We at, like most other website operators, collect information to identify the type of browser, language preferences, references, and requests, preferences, questions, and personalization of each visitor to make them timely. How will be used by travelers and visitors depends on their personal preferences. However, our purpose is for a visitor website to read its preferred paragraph and enjoy reading the paragraph. When he is interested, he will buy the desired product and if he wants to know any question, he will ask in the comment box.

To a visitor I assure you that all information submitted to me at is securely protected. The main purpose of my website is to publish reviews of or other organization products in a beautiful way. I get some commission from any visitor who uses my referral link if the product is purchased and shipped. This commission tie is my main source of income and sole purpose. We do not use your submitted email or any other personal information for sale or malicious purposes.

I personally do a government job. I am an ideal citizen who has completed MBA. I follow all the rules and regulations of the government and hate any kind of dishonest activities. My main characteristic is honesty. To Visitors: One of my requests is not to use for any malicious purpose. If you like my website, share it or leave it if you do not  like it.

Cookies policy of Ebbusinesshomes:

I’m not always worried about cookies. But for the purpose of letting visitors know, cookies are a string of information that is stored on the computer of the visitor to the website, and the browser of the decade gives different signals to return visitors to that website every time.

Like other web sites, we use cookies to identify visitors and help trackers and visitors’ access preferences when needed. Visitors who do not wish to place cookies on their computer should set your browser to reject cookies before using this website. We use cookies to specify topics of interest to visitors, using the help and benefits of cookies.

Policy of changing ownership:

It is normal for all businesses to change ownership. Over time, e-businesshomes ownership may change. In that case we will make arrangements to ensure that the buyer maintains all the rules, policies and information of the site. Visitors can be 100% sure about the security of their information.

Policy of publish advertising:

Different types of ads may appear on ebusinesshomes. Advertising is usually displayed on travelers’ computers by setting cookies. It provides notifications to display ads where all travelers allow cookies to be covered in their browsers. Ads will be displayed in browsers that cover cookies. Ads that do not cover cookies will not be displayed.

Policy of changing privacy policy:

The world is changing. Everything changes over time. Ebusinesshomes may change the privacy policy to suit the needs and requirements of the customers. In this case, the registrants will be informed about all the issues. If you have an ebusinesshomes account, you will be notified as soon as the policy changes. However, we do not usually change the privacy policy. However it changes in special cases. Thanks.