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Mia Toro ITALY Luggage Reviews and Brand Discussion in 2022

Today you are going to read the complete Mia Toro ITALY Luggage Reviews and Brand Discussion in 2022. Would you like to find the Mia Toro ITALY luggage?

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In this Italian Mia Toro luggage reviews, we examine the durability, offered features, warranty details and compare them with similar options. Later you will see if they are a good choice.

Italy’s Mia Toro luggage is ranked 15th in the top luggage brand ‘Smart Journey’ with 68 points for its great reviews.
Other options have performed better for the middle class. Chester luggage scored 91, Travelpro 90, Samsonite 85, Delsey 83, Traveler’s Choice 82, and Ricardo Beverly Hills 82.

Here you see how we set 68 points. Let’s look at each section below.

Good reviews of mia toro luggage:

  1. Unique and bright design.
  2. This is actually Mia Toro Italia’s main sales center point the last two series ‘Designer Art’ and ‘Industrial Texture’ looks beautiful. Mia Toro tops our rankings in the design category.
  3. The overall feeling is luxurious. As you would expect from an Italian brand, the product looks very high quality.
  4. The whole process has a few details and ingredients and anyone looking at the bag can tell that it is luxurious.

Bad reviews of mia toro luggage:

  1. Can be more sustainable.
  2. The value is good, but nothing to be surprised about. Enough for those who travel occasionally, but not recommended for those who travel often
  3. The support team is tough to secure.

Some people report that their support is not very helpful and is usually unresponsive. Wrong correction. Many people complain that the product description is wrong, the size is too big, and the bag is not made properly.

Judgment of Mia toro luggage reviews:

1. In the design category, Mia Toro scored 15 out of 15, which is the best of all the brands we reviewed. Nothing is more interesting than Mia Toro’s suitcase.
That said, there are some flaws.
First, the parent agency is approved by Planet Traveler. Planet Traveler has raised around 1 million on Kickstarter but has not been able to offer it. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Second, most of the luggage was not checked properly. Many comments say that the luggage is fragile and will break during the first or second trip. Finally, the warranty period is very limited, making it difficult to get support.

I think there are many better options available for the same price in the middle class, such as Chester, TravelPro, Samsonite, Delsey, Traveler’s Choice, or Ricardo Beverly Hills.

Basic information and reviews about Mia Toro Italian luggage:

Mia Toro ITALY comes from Italy, home in fashion and style. In Italian, ‘Mia Toro’ means ‘my bull’ and stands for strength, beauty, and passion.
Mia Toro Italia is only a few years old, but the manufacturers of this brand have more than 30 years of experience in luggage production. Today, your luggage has been sold in more than 42 countries.

Mia Toro Huntas is a secondary company of the Milano Group. They also own several other lesser-known luxury travel accessory brands, each with a slightly different goal. There are 5 different travel product brands (Mia Toro is the most popular).

Surprisingly, the Haunted Milano Group also owns the Planet Traveler brand. Originally, Planet Traveler Kickstarter promised to create smart luggage by raising more than $ 900,000 in the crowd gathering campaign, but it failed. 4 years have passed since the original warranty expired and according to the review it has not been delivered yet. People are not satisfied and want to sue Planet Traveler for the scandal.

Mia Toro has not yet faced these issues but the work of the same staff as Planet Traveler could create danger signals.

Comments and reviews discussion of Mia toro luggage:

The main reason people buy Mia Toro is because of its attractive appearance. Interestingly, most customers say their suitcases look better in real life. We also found that many of them give leather bags as gifts to their relatives or friends
I have read all the available reviews. Like most brands, we’ve got bad brands.

The most common problems people have are:

Some people have problems with wheels (rough brakes when used in rough areas).
Some bright models are not so bright in real life.
It is difficult to get their support.
Many say that suitcases are fragile.
The bag has an average rating of 3-4, but the height varies according to the model. I got the most popular style.

Quality of Mia toro luggage :

It can be assumed that Mia Toro’s suitcases are made in Italy, but in reality, they are not. These are made in China like almost everything today.

We couldn’t figure out exactly what Mia Toro’s cases were made of. Most suitcase manufacturers talk openly about this and what kind of frame composition: polycarbonate, polypropylene or ABS. Mia Toro rightly says that these are ‘made of lightweight reinforced plastic’, which says very little. Of the three, ABS is the least durable and inexpensive, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they were made.

The real quality of their bags is based on customer feedback because we could not test them in real life.

And judging by the reviews, Miss Toro is not very reliable. We found several people who said that soon after the first flight, either the wheels stopped immediately, cracks appeared in the hard shell, or they were electrocuted.

But again we found a number of people who were satisfied with the reliability. They have used their bags without any problems for several years.

At the same price range you can get the Travelpo Platinum Elite which is virtually indestructible and has a lifetime warranty. So, based on everything we can find, we can’t give them more than 12 stars for reliability.

Specifications reviews of Mia toro luggage:

Although Mia Toro is considered a luxury brand, it does not have many features. Only necessary.

Wheels for all occasions:
Almost all Mia Toro Italia suitcases are rigid and equipped with swivel wheels.

This may not seem necessary but we recommend that you always buy suitcases with rollers. They will make the bag easier to navigate.

They carry a few dual wheels (eight in total) and some regular wheels (four in total) in their bags. We have noticed that double roller wheels feel more durable. Although many people have complained about the quality of their regular wheels, both have complained about the two wheels.

TSA has approved locks on most mia toro luggage:

Here is another important feature: TSA approved locks. These locks allow airport TSA agents to quickly get into your bag. If you use locks regularly, TSA agents may break locks or zippers to check the contents of your suitcase.

This option is included in almost all Mia Toro suitcases. However, when we look at many reviews on Amazon it seems that their product descriptions are sometimes wrong. Some product descriptions mention that the bag comes with TSA locks, while in reality it is not.

Expansion zippers of Mia toro luggage:

Some models come with an extended zipper that allows the suitcase to be two inches wide. This provides an extra 25% of its packing space, which is very useful when you are out of space

Please note that this feature is not included in all of their cases, so be sure to check the glasses before purchasing.

Other useful functions of Mia toro luggage:

Other notable features include ergonomic handles, a dedicated tag bogie (behind the briefcase), top and side handles, compression straps, and a zipped mesh pocket inside.

With Mia Toro you get the most basic features but nothing innovative or new.

Design of Mia toro luggage reviews:

Mia Toro luggage has done a great job in the design department. We will say that these are the most beautiful suitcases on the market.

We love how they have combined the best of both worlds. For those who prefer something more practical, collecting ‘industrial structures’ is a good option. And designer art is even better for those looking for something brighter.

Industrial texture collection of Mia toro luggage reviews:

The idea behind the collection of industrial textures is to create rigid suitcases from unique materials that have never been used before. Some notable improvements to this collection include armored angles, strong handles, and a scratch-resistant finish.

Mia Toro claims they are built to withstand the harshest conditions. However, we would say that this is more of a marketing ploy because these improvements are more visual than effective. Yes, there have been some impressive improvements, the ‘Design Art’ collection performs just as it comes in strength. The question is which style do you prefer: artistic or artistic.

Mia Toro Italy Tasca Moderna Hardside Spinner Hand Luggage:

Dimension: 9x14x22 inches.

Weight: 9.6 pounds

Features: Armor-flex pocket system.

Price: under 150 dollars.

Warranty: World Wide 10 year Cloud Protection .

Tasca began manufacturing modern suitcases with a complex purpose. The fusion of art and science together. Our experience is revolutionary when design and crafts meet art. The Mia Toro brand is synonymous with strength, beauty, technology, and innovation. Your travel experience changes to an exciting new level.
Armor-Flex pocket systems.

The multifunctional interior design of Mia toro luggage:

Mia Toro Italia offers a ’10-year cloud protection worldwide’ warranty. Only the portion you receive will cover your claims within 24 hours. You don’t have to call us! This is the world’s first virtual guarantee. Totally hassle-free and worry-free.
Its size is 9x14x22.

Mia Toro Italy Rotation Hard Side luggage:

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Dimension: 12 x 24 x 28 inches.

Weight: 26.4 pounds.

Features: Scratch resistant exclusive texture.

Price: under 340 dollars.

The Mia toro has an exclusive scratch-resistant texture. So, there is no chance to damage the body of luggage easily. Mia toro is so lightweight because of the lightweight Flex Armor Composite. This luggage is a light trolley. All of the dimension is 12x24x28 inches.

Mia Toro Allegra Pop B20 ‘One Size luggage:

Dimension: 9 x 15 x 20 inches.

Weight: 14.97 pounds.

Features: Scratch resistant exclusive texture.

Warranty: “World Wide 10 year Cloud Protection” warranty.

Price: 210$.

This Mia Toro Allegra Pop B20 is a lightweight Armor-Flex compound. They are glossy finish enhances the industry among the last generation.
Ergonomic gel grip
Mia Toro Italia offers ’10 Year Global Cloud Protection ‘to provide you with the parts you need within 24 hours of your claim. You don’t even have to call us! This is the world’s first virtual guarantee. Hassle-free and carefree
Its dimension is 9x15x20 inches.


1. Bright and colorful design
2. Rotating wheel
3. Carry in shape
4. Comfortable handle


1. Not extensible

Mia Toro Italy Tosetti Hardside Spinner luggage:

Dimension: 10.5 x 17.5 x 24 inches.

Weight: 9.3 pounds.

Warranty: World wide 10 years cloud protection warranty.

Price: Mia toro luggage under 115$ 

It is a 20-inch suitcase, very suitable as a portable suitcase. It can be easily installed in the upper cabin of the aircraft. The small size means that it cannot hold a lot of things and can store clothes and items for a few days.

The exterior design is impressive, strong and durable and its edges are further reinforced to avoid unnecessary cracks when transporting airline luggage. It has a brushed and polished surface treatment, gives it a shiny look and makes it a beautiful suitcase.

The internal storage area is equipped with belts for clothes and a zippered compartment for storing cosmetics and other small items. The suitcase can be stretched by adjusting the external zipper. Therefore, it can contain an additional 25% of clothing or items.

When the wheels are smooth and retractable, the wheels can be rotated 360 degrees, so you can easily roll in the airport, on the hotel curb or on the sidewalk.


1. Small size can be used as luggage in luggage.
2. Rotating wheel.
3. Telescopic handle.
4. Expandable storage space.
5. Strict design.


If you are traveling for more than a few days, you may need to carry a larger suitcase.

Mia Toro Italy Idice Softside 24 Inch Spinner luggage:

Dimension: 8.6 x 16.7 x 26.2 inches.

Weight: 9.48 pounds.

Warranty: World-wide 10 years cloud protection warranty.

Price: Mia toro luggage under 170 dollars.

This is a 24-inch medium-size soft suitcase made of durable polyester material. Many popular Mia Toro suitcases are rigid, so if you’re looking for something different but sturdy, this is a good option.

The look looks elegant and professional, with multiple external pockets and trolleys for storing the latest items and other small items. The built-in stroller is very large and has belts to ensure the safety of your clothes. There is a rack bogie for cosmetics.

The suitcase is also easy to transport. The wheel rotates 360 degrees and the handle is retractable.


1. Durable and lightweight.
2. You can register.
3. Outer bag.
4. Rotating wheel.


  1. Do not

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