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Merax Luggage Reviews in 2022 [All You Need To Know]

Today you are going to read the complete Merax Luggage Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022 [All You Need To Know]. Do you want to know about the Merax Luggage Reviews? Then you have come to a better place.

 It is very difficult to choose the right luggage at the present time. That’s why we always try to know about Merax luggage reviews. I will discuss the Merax Luggage Reviews. 

Why am I discussing Merax Luggage Reviews? Why am I giving Merax luggage brand good reviews? This is a very important question. We always consider a few important factors when choosing luggage. These are the price of the luggage brand luggage, the general customer opinion about the luggage, the quality of the luggage, the material warranty, packing facilities, hard-side vs soft-side, luggage policy, and other issues. I have considered the above to discuss Merax Luggage Reviews.

Discussed below are the reviews discussed in the selection of Merax Luggage. 

Best Merax Luggage Reviews of Brand:

Merax Luggage Brand is a well-known company. California, Los Angeles was founded in 1994 by an American gentleman named Captree Information. Captain Inc. is their main company. Captree uses the Merax brand name to review the product. We are only discussing reviews here in Merax Luggage. But Merax Brand Home, Office, Fitness, Produces pet and baby products. They produce mill products by advanced raw materials and skilled workers. Captree is a Chinese company. But Captree’s main office is in America. If you visit their website, you will understand that the Broken English language has been used here.

The Merax Luggage Brand is a private class company. The Merax luggage brand manufactures products intended for China and America. Coptree Merax has many sales distributors in America. Through them, Merax controls sales of all American products.

 One thing I’ve noticed is that Merax doesn’t sell products anywhere other than Amazon. They have chosen Amazon as their medium of sale. Produces 20 to 30 types of hard-side suitcases and sets of hard-side suitcases. They produce a few luggage. But their luggage is very popular because of its good features.

The Merax luggage brand also sells some suitcases under other names. There is a piece of luggage called Flicks Mirax Review. They have changed Fleieks slightly from Merax. I have reviewed this two luggage in depth. In fact, they are not fundamentally different.

I have reviewed some more reviews about Merax luggage. Then I gave Merax luggage a number based on components, warranty, customer reviews, durability features, and price. I gave Merax a score of 72 out of 100. One of the main reasons Merax luggage got the number 72 to me is the affordable price range. Other luggage such as Samsonite luggage, Tumi luggage, Briggs & Riley, Chester luggage, Modokar, etc. are at affordable prices. Because of all these good features, I am discussing in front of you about Merax Luggage Reviews. 

Good features of Merax Luggage Reviews at a glance:

Affordable and affordable price: Price is very important to the buyer. There are many affordable luggage brands. I would say Merax luggage is the cheapest of the affordable luggage. A buyer can buy a Merax hard-sided suitcase for between 50$and 60$. You can get a 3-piece Merax luggage set for only 90$ to 140$.

Good Luggage Reviews:

I have reviewed customer reviews in various markets, including Amazon. Achieved Star up to 4.80 there. It really is a high issue of Merax luggage brand choice. The Merax Luggage brand offers advanced warranty service. They formulate beautiful designs. Merax luggage uses advanced raw materials. In addition, there are many good things including expandable handles, wheels, safety systems.

Merax luggage Warranty reviews Disclaimer:

The Merax Luggage brand offers a 5-year warranty service. Undoubtedly it is good warranty service. But Merax Luggage Brand Company does not publish any warranty notice on its website. Customers can only contact them through Amazon. As a result, customers face problems with warranty service. Many customers have said that the Merax luggage brand has given new suitcases as opposed to the old suitcases. But to us, the matter is not worthy of consideration.

The best feature is that when the suitcase is broken in the Marax luggage bag, they return the new luggage. Not suitable for more travelers: A luggage costs 50$ which is currently very low. We can’t expect anything more than 50 $. In the case of luggage construction at such a low cost, the quality of raw material is usually a little lower. I have talked to customers and found that Merax luggage is very good for up to five years. After five years, the luggage has various problems. And for those who regularly travel to different countries, this luggage is not good for five years.

There are different types of damage signs in the luggage. I don’t think it’s suitable for those who travel frequently. They can buy trying carriages for hard-side luggage.

Lack of modern features:

Merax luggage has common features but they have not been able to add any new modern conveniences. USB ports etc. are present. All of these features are missing in the Merax Luggage Review. Even the TSA combination lock is missing in the Merax luggage. All these factors have a negative impact in many cases.

Opinions and Decisions:

The good and bad features of Merax luggage are discussed. What do you decide now? Let me help you a little bit about this. First of all, the price of Merax luggage is at a tolerable level. The quality of the product is consistent with the price. Merax luggage does not have modern features.

But the common features exist are good design and good structure. Merax luggage has 5 years of warranty service. If he is a little hesitant about warranty service, many have expressed satisfaction. All in all, you are getting more of the good side. So you can decide whether it is a bag or not. A piece of good luggage of medium quality by your limited budget. If you are a regular traveler,

Full Luggage Review: Feature of Reviews:

I have reviewed customer reviews from Amazon. I have noticed that it has received 4.5 to 4.8 reviews. This is a really great review. I have reviewed 83 reviews. Of these, 77 views were positive and the rest were negative. A gentleman from the United States mentioned in the review that he got all the benefits of this small suitcase. He also said that the Merax luggage brand solved any problem quickly within an hour. The gentleman described the Merax luggage as gorgeous luggage. He advised everyone to buy it because the luggage was spacious. This gentleman is very happy to get the bag.

The issues that customers have mentioned in the Merax luggage reviews are discussed below:

  1. Miracle pre-weighs very little and they look like real life.
  2. Many beautiful models have combination locks but not TSA approved.
  3. The handles, zippers, and wheels of the Merax luggage can be easily broken when it is checked.
  4. Gently using luggage can cause cracks in the body.
  5. Luggage sets are cheap but can be used for two to three years without any defects.
  6. Many customers have complained about the dimensions, saying the small size of the luggage is slightly larger than the carry-on size.

Negative Review of Merax luggage:

American and another gentleman have expressed a bitter experience about Merax luggage. He mentioned at first that the luggage was good. Later, after traveling four times, he found the error. Even after he packed the items neatly from the bag, problems arose. He was finally forced to reject the bag. It’s true that it’s a bad experience. As I mentioned earlier, Merax bags are usually for those who travel very few times a year. Suitable for them.

For most travelers, taking the bag is nothing more than a waste. A suitable bag for those customers whose budget is limited. However, it is important to be careful when using the bag. Because you can’t expect much more at such a low price. ABS material has been used in the construction of Merax luggage. We know that ABS is a flexible and medium-lasting material.

Merax luggage quality reviews:

I mentioned earlier that ABS medium quality material has been used in Merax manufacturing. That is why the Merax bag cannot be said to be more durable. However, it is an ideal choice for short trips. An ideal luggage brand for those who enjoy 2-5 tours a year. The Merax brand has made most of its luggage from PET or ABS material. You know that all these ingredients are a bit cheap. Production of luggage by this material may cause some cracks. Excessive pressure on the luggage can cause it to bend or cause other problems. Tumi luggage brand is made more durable by polycarbonate and ABS combination material. But luggage made of such material is also more expensive.

I have seen in reviews that some customers have complained about broken handles, broken zippers, broken wheels, and other issues. These allegations are seen in most cases. On the other hand, some buyers are satisfied with the luggage. They are using it nicely. I saw that they have been using it for 2-3 years without any problem.

People usually have a tendency to save money whether it is a cheap product or not. Moreover, if it is a good product, then there is no point. For those who consider the price aspect, Merax can be a good suitcase. We see that the structure of the luggage is very beautiful and it seems that it will last for many days. I do not recommend it for frequent travelers such as business travelers and others.

For those whose price is affordable, I advise them to buy the luggage. Want to get different features at a lower price, Buy it on the wire. It is certain that you will be able to use the Merax luggage well for 2-3 years. The Merax luggage is a suitable choice for 2-5 travelers a year. But it is not good for those who travel more.

One thing is clear here that it is a piece of cheap luggage. An ideal choice for low budget shopping. If you are looking for something for a big budget and frequent travel. Then I will tell you that you can buy full travel or try or bricks and relay luggage. Thanks.

Merax Luggage Feature: Merax is an affordable luggage bag. So we can’t expect much more benefits. But they have basically added a few key features. They usually add what they need for a bag. Important features related to Merax luggage reviews are discussed below.

 Lightweight structure:

I will not give a 100% number to Merax luggage based on lightweight. I will give the number 72 about the percentage of light. This is not first-class lightweight luggage. However, in the construction of luggage, they have given importance to the issue of lightweight. We know that there are lightweight lags like Travel Pro, Chester, Samsonite, etc. in the market. Merax luggage is not as lightweight as these.

 Materials Quality of PET Plastic:

 I mentioned earlier that Merax used PET to make luggage. ABS and polycarbonate are the best luggage-producing materials on the market. We are all aware of this.

What kind of material is PET?

PET is a medium-quality finished material. Its value is somewhat like ABS. PET is commonly used to make hard luggage. The main feature of PET is that it is a very cheap and affordable material. As a result, PET plastic is used to make affordable and cheap luggage. PET is not more flexible plastic. As a result, there is a possibility of occasional cracks in the luggage. PET has a good feature.

Occasionally the general public complains about ABS plastic. They say that the first two weeks of ABS are full of chemical odors. But PET plastic has no such odor. 

TSA approved lock reviews:

The Merax suitcase uses a regular combination lock. All these locks are not approved by the TSA. They say TSA is worthless. Because they are not used when checking the bank. The TSA agents break the general lock. Therefore, the importance of an approved lock in TSA is immense. However, customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the application of a non-TSA approved lock.

However, the good news is that Marax Luggage has now started adding TSA approved lock. Merax luggage bag Merax PET has attached a luggage TSA approved lock called 20-inch. They have attached TSA approved lock in many luggage by mid-2019. So you must take this into consideration while buying luggage. Whether or not you have a TSA lock attached to your Merax luggage is a very important issue for you. They have added a Merax 20-inch luggage TSA approved lock.

Packing Reviews of Merax Luggage:

When it comes to packing, I will give you 90 marks out of 100r. Merax luggage has attractive packing features reviews. It seems that there is complete space in the main compartment. Here you follow the travel packing tips and tricks. Able to pack items nicely. The main compartment, therefore, has 1 to 2 pockets for down stops and organization. In fact, there are essential packing features.

 You can’t expect advanced packing features in more Merax luggage, such as expandable zippers, TSA approved lock toiletry bags and laundry bags. In fact, it is unreasonable to expect so much at such a low price. 

Design of Merax Luggage reviews:

Merax Luggage produces two types of Styles suitcases. The first is the modern and business class. They bring luggage to the market under the brand name Merax Luggage. Merax brands use 5 to 8 single colors in their luggage. And they take the issue of popularity seriously when it comes to luggage production. Beautiful and real life-related luggage they produce. You never know whether their luggage will be cheap or of medium quality. You can see Mera Merax luggage 20 inches hard-side luggage.

The second style is produced through the Flicks brand. A variety of colorful patterns have been used in this luggage. This kind of feature attracts leisure listeners. This luggage is very nice to look at but the price is not very expensive. This kind of luggage can be very nice for you. You can see the Flicks hard-side 3-piece patterned luggage set of this luggage. I believe that the style of Merax luggage You will like. Looking at the style and color, it will not look cheap, so all in all, I have given 85 marks in terms of style.

Merax Luggage Warranty:

The customer always expects a solid warranty. But Merax Luggage has failed to give a solid warranty. They have offered a 5-year warranty in the description box. However, I have bloused their website. But I did not find the term and contact information on the warranty anywhere. As a result, it is difficult to say specifically about the warranty. Yet as far as I know they probably cover the warranty in case of fundamental defects.

The customer always expects a solid warranty. But Merax Luggage has failed to give a solid warranty. They have offered a 5-year warranty in the description box. However, I have browsed their website. But I did not find the term and contact information on the warranty anywhere. As a result, it is difficult to say specifically about the warranty. Yet as far as I know they probably cover the warranty in case of fundamental defects. 

Other features of Merax luggage:

I’ve seen a few things from Merax luggage Customer Reviews that customers say communicate through Amazon. They were able to refund the new suitcase. If you run into any of these problems, But take a look at How to Contact a Seller on Amazon. The Merax Luggage brand always says to take a new suitcase with an old suitcase bag.

They will send you a new suitcase again many have said that their warranty has expired. Keep these things in mind and buy Merax luggage. If your Merax luggage is broken, quickly contact the Merax brand through Amazon Seller. There is no need to count your warranty. I hope they will probably give you a new suitcase. One of the most affordable luggage brands is Merax.

Rockland is probably the cheapest carry after the luggage. Merax luggage is priced at ide 50$ to 60$ hard-side carry on hard-side suitcase 50$ to 90$ three-piece set 90 to 140. The main feature of Merax luggage is the affordable price if you want to buy an affordable luggage set. Then Merax will probably be yours The best choice for. But Merax carries many beautiful features. As I mentioned earlier, they used cheap materials. As a result, their luggage is at a tolerable level. 

There are many more types of luggage on the market. Such as Cool life. I hope Meraj Luggage School Life is much better than cool life usually costs between 10 to 30 dollars Cool Live that you will get the fairly common features. It will usually be a little cheaper than Meraj. Finally, Merax and Coollife luggage are both cheap quality luggage. You can choose any one of the luggage based on the budget. Thanks. 

Meraz luggage is much better than cool-life. Cool-life usually costs between 10$ and 30$. Cool-life takes you to fairly common features. You can check out some Cool-Life prices. It will usually be a little cheaper than Merax. Finally, Merax and Coollife are both cheap quality luggage. You can choose any one of the luggage based on the budget. Thanks.

Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set 3 Piece:

merax luggage reviews

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Dimension: 20 inches, 24 inches and 28 inches.

Weight: Lightweight.

Materials: durable ABS material.

Warranty: Free 5-Year Worldwide Warranty.

Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set A modern luggage set from the Merax brand is the Merax Travelhouse 3 Piece Luggage. It looks like one of the cheapest. Yet it is one of the smartest choices. The Merax Travelhouse three-piece luggage is made of advanced materials. The Merax Travelhouse luggage set is more affordable than other luggage. The luggage is very lightweight. They used ABS material in the construction of luggage. As a result, it has become lighter and more durable.

Merax Travelhouse luggage weighs only 24 lbs. Although luggage is usually between 26 inches and 30 inches, they look very nice. The Merax Travelhouse luggage set has an aluminum telescopic handle. We know that most aluminum is more durable. The luggage has a high-quality combination lock. This ensures 100% safety. Silent to carry the luggage nicely. There are spinner wheels. You can easily carry it. 

Important features of Merax traverhouse.

There is also a five-year warranty. The U.S. Luggage Policy has been followed in terms of baggage levels. All luggage of the same size has been sized. Merax luggage brand has used Eight types of colors in the Merax Travel House luggage set. This color flower color will attract you. All in all, this is a piece of good luggage. Merax has marketed Merax Travelhouse luggage as modern luggage. Hopefully, the luggage set will be able to meet your expectations.

Merax Hardside Spinner Luggage with Built-in TSA Lock:

merax luggage reviews

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Dimension: 20 inches, 24 inches and 28 inches.

Weight: Lightweight .

Materials: P.E.T material.

Warranty: Free 5-Year Worldwide Warranty.

One of the best examples of affordable luggage is the Merax Hardside suitcases. Its durability is quite good. Combining everything can be an easy choice for you. PET plastic has been used in the construction of Merax Hardside luggage. It is a medium-quality plastic. It is more flexible but slightly inferior to ABS in terms of durability. 

The Merax brand has tested the raw material for this luggage. It has been loaded with 2 tons. But they did not see any stains. We believe that PET plastic is not as durable as polycarbonate. However, it is not inferior. You can use luggage made by PET for 10 years. In that case, you must use caution. 

Recently added TSA approved lock to Merax luggage. Also modern spinner wheels in luggage, Expandable handle is connected. But they haven’t connected extensible zippers yet. 

You will get better benefits from packing. The main compartment has a lot of space for packing. They divided the main compartment into two parts by a fabric sheet. There is also a large pocket inside the luggage. You can keep small things in these pockets.

Important features of Merax spinner luggage.

Emphasis has been placed on the weight and dimensions of the luggage. It only weighs 6 lbs. The dimensions of Meraz luggage are 21x  5x 8 inches. It is part of the American baggage restriction policy. As a result, there is no need to spend extra money on luggage. 

However, a bit of good advice for you is to check the luggage dimension before the Merax Hardside luggage price is at a tolerable level. You can buy it for 50$. Who travels about five times a year, An ideal choice for them. Hopefully, you have gained an ideal idea about what it takes.

Flicks 3 Piece Luggage Set Hardside Suitcase:

merax luggage reviews

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Dimension: 30″ x 20″ x 12″/ 26″ x 18″ x 10″ and 21″ x 15″ x 8″.

Weight: Lightweight .

Materials:  Eco-friendly PET material.

Warranty: Free 5-Year Worldwide Warranty.

Flicks 3 Piece Luggage Set is an ideal choice for colorful luggage lovers. Its price is really cheap but it has many good features. It is painted in different colors. The weight of the three-piece luggage is very light. They have used ABS and PC blend materials to make the Flieks luggage. ABS and PC blend have ensured long durability. 

The lightweight of luggage has made transportation easier. All these elements protect the body of the luggage from stains. Flicks three-piece luggage has four spinner wheels. Luggage can be carried very easily with the help of wheels. Flick’s luggage has four wheels nicely attached. Soccer wheels are equally durable. The design of the Flicks luggage is truly unique. 

Important features of Flicks 3 Piece Luggage Set:

You must like it when you see the luggage. I think your loved ones will love it too. In fact, it is really rare to find luggage for such a design at such a low price. There is enough space in the luggage. As a result, you Able to pack items neatly. The Flicks luggage carries general features. It lags behind modern features.

 However, it is an ideal choice at an affordable price. Because you will not find such beautiful good looking cheap luggage from other brands. A really great choice to combine everything. Thanks.