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Lucas is a medium-quality luggage band of the cheapest and lightest weight. Today you are going to read complete our Lucas Suitcase Warranty – The Best Lucas Designer Luggage Collection. But the warranty service of Lucas Suitcase Band is not satisfactory to us. Customers are quite satisfied with the quality of the Lucas luggage, lightweight, material, wheels, expandable handles, etc. However, everyone is very disappointed with the warranty service of the Lucas suitcase and often complains.

Lucas suitcase warranty of 5 years :

The Locus brand comes with a 5-year manufacturing warranty on their luggage. We have seen the warranty of Travelpro, Samsonite, Tumi Luggage, etc. But the warranty of the Lucas suitcase has disappointed everyone. Giving a five-year manufacturing warranty on a local suitcase seems completely worthless.

Lucas luggage warranty form:

Although there is a warranty service system of Lucas Suitcase, they do not disclose where and even. No information about their warranty could be found online. They do not have their own website through which they have detailed mentions about the warranty or customers can know. However, they use an address You need to fill out this link form and apply for a warranty. Lucas lightweight suitcase reviews and comprise with various brands.

Although the warranty terms of the Lucas suitcase warranty are somewhat uncommon, you should still know.

Terms of Lucas suitcase warranty:

  • Their warranty service includes only manufacturing defects.
  • Warranty Services does not cover any damage to the aircraft, damage to the vehicle, damage by accident, or any damage due to normal use.
  • To get warranty service you must bring a copy of the invoice or receipt.
  • To get warranty service you will need a serial number which is eleven digits and it will be printed inside the level.
  • All your shipping costs are not included in the warranty service so you have to send 15 to 20 dollars by credit card before taking their services.
  • They usually reply after a week when you send the information to the address to get the warranty. Many times they are too late to reply. Their warranty is generally applicable for five years.

Is Lucas suitcase warranty is valid?

In fact, the Lucas suitcase warranty is not valid. They sell lightweight and affordable suitcases. But it seems that it is possible to buy a new Lucas suitcase by combining the shipping cost and other expenses to get warranty service. So you should think about these issues well before taking the warranty service. If the warranty costs more than a new Lucas suitcase warranty, accepting the warranty service will not be worthwhile at all.

How will you get Lucas suitcase warranty?

Even after that if you want to take their warranty service.
1. First, you have to fill this mail form and send the application.

2. Then after a week or so they will reply.

3. Next, you have to send the shipping cost by credit card. This way you will get warranty service.

In a word, Lucas may be a fairly good quality suitcase. But their twenty services is very disappointing compared to other luggage. To read the pdf click here.

Lucas suitcase warranty vs Samsonite suitcase warranty:

Name Lucas Samsonite
Warranty Limited 5 years Limited 10 years
Covered Only manufacturing defects Manufacturing defects in material and workmanship.
Requirement Invoice or receipt and serial number Receipt
Shipping cost covered by Customers Samsonite
Medium Application by address Customers service

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