Smart Packing Cubes : How To Use A Packing Cube in 2022

Today you are going to read complete Smart Packing Cubes: How To Use A Packing Cube in 2022. Nowadays, more and more travelers are starting to use packaging cubes. If you are reading this article, you have decided to buy the game yourself. However, you are not sure how many packaging cubes to take, what size packaging cubes to take and which packaging cubes to choose. In this article, I will solve all the problems for you so that you can finally understand which packaging cube is right for you.

How to use a packing cube: Should I use packing cubes?

how to use a packing cube

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Before discussing the size and number of packaging cubes obtained, you need to understand whether you really need them. Many travelers bought a set of packaging cubes, tried it once, and then decided it was not suitable for them. Are you one of them?

If you are at home now, please look around: is your house tidy, clean, neat or somewhere? If you are the type of person who lives in a chaotic environment and it is not important to you, then packaging cubes may not be very effective for you. However, if you answer that your house is very tidy or somewhere else, it means that you are valued for working in a clean, tidy and organized environment. This means you will prefer to use packaging cubes as they can help keep you organized on your holidays.

Some people think that packing cubes can save space, but it didn’t happen (I tried). They simply help organize the luggage. For example, you could put a T-shirt in one bucket, a T-shirt, a hoodie and pants in the other, and underwear and socks in the last bucket. Whenever you need to find something in your luggage, it is very easy to do because you do not have to carry the whole suitcase. Additionally, they help on holidays where you have to switch between different hotels on holidays because it makes loading and unloading of luggage easier.

What size packaging cube should I get?

Personally, I like to use larger packaging cubes (approximately 17 x 13 x 3.5 inches) to store larger garments such as hoodies, shirts, jackets, and pants. A medium-packed cube (about 14 x 10 x 3.5 inches), suitable for my small roll items, such as T-shirts, plain wave long sleeve shirts, and shorts; Then organize everything else into a small packing cube (size about 11 x 7 x 3.5 inches).

A very common packaging cube, I recommend avoiding long and thin packaging cubes (about 14 x 5 x 3 inches). In my opinion, they are very rare and it is not useful. Sometimes they can conveniently pack extra pairs of shoes, but nothing more. Personally, I prefer rectangular packaging cubes, one side of which is slightly longer than the other. When you try to fit multiple suitcases, they usually work best in a suitcase.

You should buy very large or very small packaging cubes. I do not recommend setting the size below 17 x 13 x 4 inches or 11 x 7 x 3 inches. It doesn’t matter if an inch goes up or down. Personally, I like to package everything in small cubes because it helps me to integrate more.

Another thing you should probably do is measure the inside of the suitcase. Take measurements and try to imagine how the specific set of packaging cubes you are looking at fits inside. Will the gap be too large? Do all parts fit? Try to answer these questions yourself, as it depends on your own luggage during how to use packing cube.

How many packing cubes do you need?

how to use a packing cube
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Generally, in almost all cases it is sufficient to have three to four packaging cubes. However, it actually depends on the length of the holiday, the size and type of luggage, and the wearing habits.

Personally, I can be more minimalist and wear the same outfit for a few days at a time. So, for me, even for a two to three-week vacation, having three packing cubes is usually enough. Others, however, may take four, five, or six packaging cubes.

Another thing you need to do is understand what kind of luggage you are using. If you use a large backpack, please choose a smaller box. If you have a strong suitcase that is divided into two equal parts, please make sure the box fits it. Personally, I don’t want to use too many packaging cubes in strict cases, such as things powered by Chester Minima, probably about two or three small packaging cubes when how to use packing cube.

How many packing cubes are there in the luggage?

In ordinary portable luggage (approximately 22 x 14 x 9 inches), you can accommodate only three packaging cubes and leave some space for additional items such as toilets, souvenirs, snacks, etc.

How many packaging cubes are in the check baggage?

A checked suitcase (about 25-30 inches on the longest side) can hold more packing cubes, usually about five or six. That being said, I personally won’t skip the five packaging cubes because I want to leave some space for an item bought from abroad.

How many packing cubes are in the backpack?

In most carry-on packaging you can keep two or three small and medium packaging boxes. Personally, I would use two larger compression cubes such as the Ebags Pack-It Specter compression cube.

How long can each packaging cube hold during how to use packing cube?

how to use a packing cube

If you haven’t used a packaging cube before, it’s hard to understand how many packaging cubes can fit in each packaging cube. Therefore, below I will introduce four popular packaging cube sizes and let you know how much each size can hold.

Oversized Packaging Cube (1 x 13 x 3.5 inches) – Most suitable for packaging large items such as hoodies, jackets, jeans, clothing, etc. I have about two large hoodies, two sweaters or four-button long-sleeved shirts and two or three pairs I can keep jeans.

Large packaging cubes (14 x 10 x 3.5 inches) – Best used for packaging T-shirts, shorts, sometimes folded shirts and other less heavy items. I can pack about 7 roll-up shirts, two pairs of shorts and one or two button-style long-sleeved shirts.

Medium Packaging Cubes (11 x 7 x 3.5 inches) – Small packaging cubes are best used to pack underwear and socks and other random items such as scarves, hats, caps, etc. I can arrange lingerie and socks there for about 7 days and I can put on new underwear and socks.

Long / Slim Packing Cube (14 x 5 x 3 inches) – The latest most common packing cube is the long / slim-fitting cube, most commonly used for any random outfit, underwear and socks or a pair of slippers. I think they are useless, I just use them to store Converse shoes or extra pairs of my running shoes during how to use packing cube.

What packaging cubes should I get?

Honestly, you should check out our guide for the best packaging cubes, so we bought 6 different packaging cubes and compare them to find the best packaging cube. But if not, here is a brief summary of what to look for

First, you need to determine whether you want to pack the cube or shrink the cube. Although compressed cubes can save more space, packaging cubes can reduce wrinkles and make them easier to use. For those who are happy with the trip I recommend using only regular drums but if you prefer compressed drums please choose aggol creek pack-brick specter compact drums.

If you want to use regular packing cubes, you need four sets of luggage when using your luggage or six sets if you use check luggage or you should share the same packaging cube with your traveling companion. That being said, six packaging cubes are usually not enough for two people rather I would rather recommend two sets of packaging in four different colors.

If you are looking for something light and durable, please choose eBags Packaging Barrel Kits, as they are the best we can find. If you don’t want to spend so much money then buy the Shake Pak Packaging Cube Set it is still very durable. Truth be told, your packaging cube doesn’t have to be that durable.

Should you roll up your clothes or fold in the pack?

how to use a packing cube
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If you’re not lazy (unlike me), you must roll up some clothes instead of throwing them in the box. Yes, ro-ro clothes can save some space but I think the biggest advantage of ro-ro cloth is that ro-ro cloth can be easily removed from the box or suitcase. For example, it is much easier to find some content below without rearranging everything when how to use a packing cube.

Personally, I not only roll up shirts but I can also roll up pants, shirts, boxers, dresses, etc. Saying things like shirts you should roll over things you don’t want to crease.

The final word about how to use packing cube.

Understanding how many wrappers you will need, what types and how to use them can be a daunting task at first if you haven’t used the cube before. But I hope this guide is helpful for you. However, packaging cubes are not for everyone. If you don’t organize the work in your life, you won’t need to wrap your cube. But if you do, try to take three or four suitcases and five to six suitcases with you.

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