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Coolife Luggage Carry On and Brand Rating Reviews in 2022

Today you are going to read complete Coolife Luggage Carry On and Brand Rating Reviews in 2022. Coolife is an affordable carry on luggage brand from Amazon that has become very popular in recent years.

Their luggage has been thoroughly checked, but people are often not sure if they like it very well.

In this Coolife carry on luggage review, we will study everything about them and compare them with similar luggage brands. We will analyze its durability, customer review, price, features, and warranty. All to determine if they are determined.

Let’s get started about Coolife carry on luggage:

Among the top luggage brands in Ebusinesshomes, Coolife scored 76 points, which ranks ninth in our rankings.

However, Coolife ranks first in the affordable range, followed by ‘American Tourister (74 points) and ‘Luggage’ (71 points).

Here you will see how we determined 76 points. Later in this review, we will introduce each section in detail.

Good reviews of Coolife carry on luggage:

Well reviewed: The acclaimed Coolife Suitcase was rated between 4.3 and 4.8 stars, which is really impressive. And no brand’s affordable luggage matches its reviews.
Sustainable enough for most people: If you plan to fly moderately (less than five times a year), your suitcase can last at least 3-5 years, which is great for an affordable suitcase.
Affordable price: Coolie is currently a cheaper alternative on the market. Considering their evaluation level and their functions we think they are a very reliable choice.
Contains useful functions for packing: In general, the effectiveness of such cheap bags is low. Coolife’s cheaper option even includes a TSA lock and expandable zipper and provides a protective cover with a zipperless option and a laptop bogie.

Some bad features of coolife luggage carry on:

Your warranty is basically useless. Of all the brands we’ve reviewed, Coolie has the worst warranty. If you get them, there is no warranty of any problems. This is a new case.
It is not suitable for frequent trips. You can’t expect a 50$ suitcase to be strong enough for frequent travel. People who use coolies often say (every month or so) that things start to fall apart very quickly.

Judgment of coolife luggage carry on:

Let’s get started why not choose coolife carry on luggage. If you plan to use the suitcase frequently, it should be extra durable and can be guaranteed in case of problems. Unfortunately, coolife’s warranties are actually useless and they are not made with strong materials. If you can afford it, the smart choice for frequent travel is TravelPro or Briggs & Riley.

Now let’s talk about why it surpasses other brands. If you are looking for a cheap item then we believe coolife is the best choice in the current market. Their suitcases are durable enough to be used by people who only go on vacation a few times a year. They are incredibly valuable, rigorously tested and have some great features.

Therefore, if you need a suitcase, coolife carry on luggage may be your best choice if you don’t have enough resources to buy one that can last for decades.

Key information about Coolife carry on luggage:

Coolife carry on luggage is a Chinese suitcase manufacturer. Although their website says they have been running since 1999, most of their products on Amazon were published in 2015-2016 and their domain names were registered in 2017, meaning they have only a few years of history as an organization. .

As far as we know, they have no office or sales team in the United States. If you need to get in touch with them, it’s best to get in touch with them through Amazon.

We also tested other retailers to see that they were only sold on Looks like they started selling handbags on Amazon a few years ago, they were very successful and now they are trying to build a legal brand around it.

Although they look a bit rough at the company, all the luggage bags are very well rated. These are not particularly durable, but they are really cheap, attractive and have useful features. For cheap suitcases in the short term, they may now be the best choice.

Comments of coolife carry on luggage or reviews:

On average the Coolilfe package is rated 4.3 to 4.8 out of 5 stars, which is really impressive. Of all the affordable luggage brands we have not seen reviews of other brands so outstanding.

Even better, their reviews are consistent with all suitcase models. Some luggage brands have a few good models and others have obvious design or durability flaws. This is not the case with Coolife, however, as we have not found any models that have been rigorously reviewed.

But there’s a big reason your customer reviews are so good is that you’ll see that all Duffel bags ask your new customers to comment on Amazon with a small card to extend your one-year warranty. This means that many new customers who have not really used their luggage for too long will leave positive reviews in the first few weeks.

If they do not, their products may receive poor reviews. Generally, we give your review a score of 28 or 29. However, we must reduce it to 25 because we encourage your customers to leave positive feedback.

These people mention the most common things:

  1. Carrying items are slightly larger, which is the most common size limit for airlines: 22 x 14 x 9 inches.
  2. Product descriptions are usually incorrect.
  3. In rare cases, TSA-approved locks are not specified in the factory. (This is a link to the TSA Lock Instructions on their website.)
  4. Sometimes handles, zippers, wheels break or cracks / dents will appear in the hard shell.
  5. In real life, your hard case looks better than pictures.
  6. You can only contact them through Amazon and their guarantee is actually useless.In general, most people are satisfied with their purchases.

Quality reviews of coolife carry on luggage:

It’s no surprise to hear that Coolidge isn’t the most durable luggage brand out there. The very cheap suitcases that Chinese brands sell are not the best combination for durability.

We have investigated their materials and it seems that most of the time they use the cheapest and least durable materials: polyester and ABS. But not all.

For example, in a 20-inch coolie cloth handbag they used jacquard oxford cloth, which is a slight improvement over ordinary polyester. It is made with 100% polyester fiber, but it is woven differently, so it is more durable. For the Coolife 20 inch zipperless handbag, the zipperless part is made of aluminum and the rest of the shell is made of polycarbonate, which is much more durable than ordinary ABS.

Of all the positive reviews, there are some bad ones. People have complained of damaged casters, damaged zippers, curved or broken handles, and cracks/dents on hard shells. If you buy cheap suitcases, you can’t avoid this kind of problem. They are expected.

If you are looking for a suitcase for long term travel, you should consider other brands such as TravelPro or Briggs and Riley. However, if you are looking for a cheap travel bag that continues to travel uninterruptedly for several years, then Coolife is the best choice. In fact, Coolife ranks first (76 points) in our ranking of affordable prices, second only to American touristers (74 points).

Functions of Coolife carry on luggage:

While Coolife’s protective sleeves are really affordable, they do have certain features that aren’t usually affordable. In the advanced models, they also apply some more innovative features like zipperless opening and a special laptop pocket.

While these are not the most innovative and progressive brands, they are also not the most stable brands. In Rockland, for example, the price is the same, you won’t find most of the features that come with Coolife.

Most luggage locks are approved by TSA:

With Coolife you can find TSA locks on almost all suitcases and even clothes. They usually only bring bags that cost more than $80-$100, so it was nice to see Coolife even added to their-$50-$60 option.

If you don’t know the TSA approved lock, it’s basically a combination lock of the main box, but with a slight twist. No one other than the TSA security guard will be able to open the lock if their luggage needs to be checked during check-in. If the suitcase is closed with an ordinary stone, the TSA agent may break the lock and zipper for further investigation without compensating for the damage.

Double rotating wheel reviews of coolife carry on luggage:

Although not all models are equipped with dual wheels, most are equipped with dual wheels. You will get eight instead of the usual four wheels. They are better because they are more durable and smoother to roll.

Storage bags for laptops:

The 20-inch Carry-On Silver Edition of the Coolife Laptop Hardside Collection on Amazon comes with a dedicated front pocket for organizing your electronic devices. While the features say it can only fit 13-inch laptops, people say they also fit 15-inch laptops without any difficulty.

The laptop buggy is useful because it gives you quick access to laptops, tablets, documents and other essentials. In a safe environment, in a coffee shop at the airport or in a hotel, you must carry your essentials with you, especially for technicians who are skilled in various devices.

Luggage without zipper of Coolife carry on luggage:

Fifty years ago, not all suitcases had a zipper. The suitcase can also be opened by unlocking two clips without using a zip, but this situation quickly changed when the rolling suitcase was invented in the 1970s.

If you don’t know yet, basically all zippers can be opened by pressing on a sharp object, causing the zipper to break. The worst part is that the zipper can usually be closed without any sign of opening. For decades illegal security guards and baggage handlers have been using this ‘trick’ to steal valuables from check luggage. Having a zipperless suitcase can eliminate this risk.

As the name suggests, there is no zipper in the Coolife Zipperless Hard Age series, which is great. The idea is that the part that has the zipper is made of aluminum, so it will not be strong and bent, and the rest is made of polycarbonate. You can open the bag by opening the TSA combination lock, which unlocks the two locks that hold the two parts together. A zipperless suitcase usually costs one arm and one leg but such suitcases are quite cheap.

Basic packaging options of Coolife carry on luggage:

Unfortunately, only the most basic packaging options are available in Coolife suitcases. Usually, the main bogie is divided into two equal parts, each separated by a piece. Inside, you will find one or two zipper pockets and compression straps.

If they pack better packaging options for suitcases (such as suit bogies, TSA approved toiletry bags, more finishing bogies, laundry bags, etc.), we believe people will be more interested in it.

Design review of Coolife carry on luggage:

Our idea is that the coolie suitcase is very good. These are modern, colorful, and elegant.

They have lots of options for men and women and people say that their bags usually look better in real life. Color choices may be better but there is plenty of room for their choice. Usually their models have 3-6 different colors (excluding the most popular suitcases, which have 17 different colors).

Many reasonably priced luggage brands seem cheap to look at, but Carrie Island isn’t it, so we gave them 13 points out of 15 in the design section.

Warranty of Coolife luggage and does not include the cost of shopping:

They still have the opportunity to replace your suitcase or give you a partial refund, but most people say their warranty claims fail.
It usually takes some time to respond to your support.
Although most affordable brands do not have a solid warranty, Coolife’s warranty is particularly bad. If your purse is broken, it is easier to buy a new purse than to use your support.

However, in our opinion, this is not a reason to disrupt the transaction, because it is of good quality and very cheap.

Price of Coolife carry on luggage:

Of all the affordable luggage brands, Coolife is the cheapest.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Soft carry:-50-90$.
  2. Strict hand luggage: -50-70$.
  3. Luggage package: -130-300$.
  4. In fact, when we consider their durability, functionality, and reviews at the same time, we think that they are the best choice within the current reasonable price range, which is why we give them a maximum decimal point of 10 points.

1. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase Spinner 20/24/29 inch:

coolife luggage carry on

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Dimension: 23 x 14 x 10 inches.

Weight: 7.6 lbs (3.44 kg).

Materials: Polyester.

Price: Under 200$.

If you are looking for a cheap carry-on item that looks good and performs well, then this Coolife 20-inch fabric carry-on item is a good choice.

Although there are two dedicated pockets in front, there is nothing in reality. Instead, Coolife hides a larger laptop bag underneath it, which we think is good. It can hold up to 15 inches on laptops, important documents, chargers, tablets and other items you may need to go.

A really great is that they have added a TSA-approved lock to the original compartment that is rarely seen in cloth suitcases and generally affordable options. Although the main compartment cannot be extended, it is quite spacious. It comes with a zipper pocket for storing small items and underwear and compression straps for holding clothes.

Unfortunately, this national hand luggage is too big for international flights because it is slightly larger than the normal 22-14-9 inch range. Therefore, we recommend you only on domestic flights, as you may be asked to check in occasionally.

2. Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Suitcase:

Dimension: 22.5 x 15 x 9 inches.

Weight: 8.3 lbs (3.76 kg).

Materials: Polycarbonate.

Price: under 85$.

The zipperless concept of luggage is the most popular with remote luggage and its price ranges from US 700 to US1,000. While there are other inexpensive options, no brand other than Coolife can make a zipperless suitcase that is truly affordable. Aluminum is very expensive, but at the same time, aluminum is the only lightweight material suitable for zipperless boxes. Non-zip parts should be a hard rock so that the items do not fall. Coolife makes this suitcase very affordable by using only non-zipper parts made of aluminum. The rest is made of polycarbonate, which is currently the most durable plastic in the hard case.

The bag also has dual rotating wheels and a TSA approved lock, which is great. The main compartment is simple but spacious. Inside, you’ll find only two zipper pockets and a fastened belt, which is a very basic setup.

Overall, we were impressed that Coolife made this suitcase so expensive. Similar options usually cost at least 150.

That being said, some people say that the check option is not so stable. People have reported that plastic covers can show cracks and holes over time due to the weight of other bags. Therefore, we advise you to get only the portable version of this suitcase.

3. Coolife Luggage Suitcase 2-Piece Set Carry On ABS+PC Spinner:

Dimension: 20 and 28 inches.

Weight: 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg).

Materials: Polycarbonate/ABS.

Price: Under $ 180.

If you are a tech-savvy person and occasionally take 2-3 weeks off, you probably deserve tech-savvy and tested luggage. And, if you are looking for an affordable alternative, we believe that this Coolife 2 Piece Set is the best choice on the market.

If you don’t need check luggage, you can buy 20-inch carry-on luggage at a cheaper price. These are available in pink, gray and blue and should look good on both men and women.

The smallest suitcase measures 21 x 14 x 9.5 inches. Although the limit is slightly higher than 22 x 14 x 9, people say they have successfully passed the ‘box test’ at the airport. It is the lightest of all the hard tots in Coolife, weighing just 6.7 pounds. The small suitcase has a dedicated front pocket for storing documents, laptops (people say they can hold a 15-inch laptop), tablets, headphones and other essentials. The front room is integrated, equipped with a large number of built-in pockets, a leather case and a stand that can hold all the equipment.

This set is made of ABS/polycarbonate alloys in both cases, which should be more durable than regular ABS. They are equipped with double casters, TSA-approved combined locks and a spacious main bogie.

4. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 3 Piece Set:

Dimension: 20, 24, and 28 inches.

Weight: 25.6 lbs (11.6 kg).

Materials: ABS.

Price: Under $185.

This three-piece hard box suite is not only one of the cheapest suits on Amazon, it is also one of the highest rated suits. People seem to like everything.

That said, we still find some people who complain about quality. Some people have reported that the zipper will fail if the bag is over-packed, some wheels will break and some hard shells will crack. But in reality, you should expect some flaws when you get such a cheap suitcase.

It is said to be very cheap, the hard cover is made of ABS, which is cheaper and less durable than polycarbonate or polypropylene. But in all cases the angles are stronger to provide extra protection, which is good.

Some people complain that the product name is misleading. Not three, only the largest suitcase can be stretched This is the question you should consider. This suitcase is equipped with a double caster and three TSA-approved locks in the suitcase, which is surprising considering their carrying capacity.

Another great thing is that these three components can be combined to make storage easier when not in use. Moreover, all parts are very light weight, because they are made with ABS, which is very suitable for meeting the weight limit of checked baggage and carry-on luggage.

If you are looking for cheap hard luggage then there is no better choice than this. It is highly rated, tough enough for most people, very cheap, and has three TSA approved locks on the suitcase.

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  5. Tumi.
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