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Best zipperless suitcase or luggage in the USA [2022]

Are you considering buying a hardside suitcase without a zipper? So, you have come to the right place, because in this article: Compare with the top 10 suitcases on the market without zippers. Tell me what you need to look for before buying a bag without a zipper. Weigh the benefits and uniqueness of the zipperless suitcase and see if it is really a smart choice for you.

What is a suitcase without a zipper?

Basically, a ‘zipperless suitcase’ is a rigid suitcase without a zipper. Instead, these suitcases have one or two latches to hold the suitcase off.

Believe it or not, decades ago most suitcases had no zippers. By 1987 TravelPro had invented the original rollaboard, which had two wheels, the zipper, and a retractable handle, everything changed. This style quickly surpassed ordinary suitcases with latches, and now only 5-10% of suitcases have zippers.

How does a zipperless suitcase work?

The non-zipper bag does not have a zipper to close the main compartment but has one or two latches to close the main bogie. These bags should be made of hard materials such as aluminum or hard plastic (polycarbonate, polypropylene, or ABS) to keep the original compartment closed. Both latches typically have a TSA-approved three-digit code lock which means they are keyless and open with three-digit code. You can set your own three-digit code, but you must remember this.

Is a zipperless suitcase really safe?

Yes, zipperless suitcases are much safer than ordinary suitcases. These can only be opened by entering a three-digit code or with a TSA-approved key (only airport security personnel can be present). Zipperless suitcases can be made of aluminum or plastic. Aluminum is considered the safest because it is difficult to bend or break.

If you just leave a simple zipper suitcase in an awkward place for a few seconds, anyone can compress it with a pen and steal your belongings in a few seconds. Worst of all, you can’t even tell anyone you’re inside. Many times baggage handlers use this technique to break check luggage and steal perfumes, electronics, and other valuables without even realizing it. For suitcases without zippers, suitcases cannot be opened without attention.

What is the value of zipperless luggage?

Should you get a bag without zippers? We depend on how you use your luggage.

If you carry valuables, need items that are truly durable and safe and use packing cubes, a zipperless suitcase is a very reliable option. However, if you pack too much, don’t get anything valuable, or are looking for something cheap and light, a suitcase with simple zippers may be a more intelligent choice.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of zipperless suitcase.

Good features of zipperless suitcase:

It is safer than ordinary suitcases. Of course dedicated thieves will come, but basically, if you don’t have a zipper, you can’t get into a suitcase without breaking the schoolbag. This means that no baggage handler will steal anything while checking luggage.

Then it is generally more durable. If you bought a zipperless aluminum suitcase, it could last for decades. These are considered to be the most sustainable alternatives on the market.

And further customization interior. Usually, zipperless suitcases have a large rectangular main compartment. They are ideal for the person who uses packaging cubes to organize their items.

No more broken zippers. Zippers and rollers are the first items to move in any suitcase. If you don’t have a zipper, you don’t have to worry about other things.

And best appearance. Of course, this is a subjective opinion, but the specific features of zipperless aluminum housing make them look good. Also, there are many incredibly beautiful retro-style zipperless suitcases.

Bad aspects of zipperless suitcase:

Ordinary slightly heavier than ordinary luggage. Usually, zipperless suitcases are made of aluminum or polycarbonate which is a heavy material. Therefore, if you are looking for a lighter option, consider buying a fabric suitcase.

For more expensive; Compared to ordinary zippers, zipperless systems are more expensive. That’s why most zipperless models start at just $100. In contrast, hard luggage with a stiff zipper starts at $60.

Expand No expandable zipper. Almost all suitcases except zippers.

Travelking Aluminum zipperless 20-inch Luggage:

Dimension: 28.37 x 20.2 x 12.05 inches.

Weight: 15.11 pounds.

Materials: Aluminum / Polycarbonate

Price: under 300 dollars.

Travelking 20 Inch Carry-On Suitcase; The cheapest aluminum suitcase you can buy is if you are looking for something a bit cheaper, and you think it will cost at least $700 dollars, this may be your best choice.

All aluminum suitcases produced by well-known brands such as Remova, Tumi or Ao Travel range in price from $500 to $1,200, but that’s a small fraction of the cost. This is because Traveling is a Chinese Amazon manufacturer, so you didn’t pay too much for the brand.

Material, design, and other features of Traveling 20 Inch suitcase:

In other words, you should not expect a level of customer service from a well-known brand. This suitcase only comes with a 3-year warranty. We have done some research and it seems that in the first three years if you have any problem with your Travelking suitcase, you will be able to get free replacement parts at home, but you will have to replace them yourself. This is not ideal, but many Chinese manufacturers completely ignore their warranty, so their warranty is acceptable in some cases.

In terms of functionality, this suitcase is equipped with two TSA-approved combined locks and huge double casters, according to people, they roll very comfortably. Inside, it has X-shaped straps on both sides and plenty of pockets and compartments for the organization. This setting is best for those who do not use packaged cubes because it has many organizational features.

The Travelking Zipperless Aluminum Suitcase is well received. It features durable materials, inexpensive, and several useful packaging. Other zipperless models are made with less durable materials or are more expensive, for which we think it is the best zipperless suitcase on the market.

Most affordable: Best Coolife Luggage 24″ zipperless

Dimension: 22.5 x 15 x 9 inches.

Weight: 8.3 lbs (3.8 kg).

Materials: Aluminum / Polycarbonate

Price: under 100 dollars.

Now, if you are looking for something more affordable, we believe that this Coolife zipperless suitcase is currently the best choice on the market.

It is not made entirely of aluminum, which is why it is so cheap. The hard shell is made of polycarbonate, which is a strong plastic material used for hard shells. Aluminum is only used for the ends where the two parts are connected to each other. This is an economical solution because aluminum is expensive and requires the edges of your zipperless bag to be truly durable.

Material, design, and other features of Coolife Luggage 24 suitcase:

Among the more than 16 different luggage brands, we rated Coolife as the best affordable luggage brand. Their warranty is almost non-existent, but all bags have very good ratings and their durability is really good considering how cheap they are. Of all the zipperless suitcases on Amazon, Coolife Zipperless Luggage is one of the most popular and highly rated suitcases.

This is not with the two combination locks you carry with you, but with a combination lock approved by TSA. When unlocking the three-digit combination lock, two additional latches will also be unlocked and you can open the case. The system works like having two TSA locks, but the construction cost is low, which is why Coolife chose to use this system.

Inside, the bag is very basic. One side of the main buggy is separated by an openable sheet of cloth, and the other side is separated by an X-shaped tie strap. You will find two zipper pockets inside to pick up all the small items (charger, toiletries, etc.).

The Coolife 20 Inch Zipperless Tote Bag is not very advanced, but it is decently made, surprisingly well-reviewed and most importantly, its price is very cheap, which is why we think it is the most affordable zipperless tote bag.

Zipperless suitcase TUMI – 19 Degree International.

Dimension: 22 x 14 x 9 inches

Weight: 11 lbs (5.0 kg).

Materials: 100% Aluminum.

Price: under 1000 dollars.

Tumi 19 Degree Aluminum Suitcase Best Suitcase. Tumi offers the best choice among all the zipperless options on the market we think it is also the best choice. In other words, it is also very expensive.

If you don’t know Tumi luggage, it’s a premium luggage brand acquired by Samsonite a few years ago. Their models are really expensive ($700-$1200), but they are made from the best materials and come with a reliable warranty. Along with you, Remova and Briggs & Relays are often recommended by frequent travelers and aviation industry professionals because they are so durable.

Material, design, and other features of Tumi 19 Degree suitcase:

Of all the bags mentioned here, the best is guaranteed. Tumi’s 19-degree international hand luggage is covered by Tumi’s 5-year warranty. In the first year, they will cover all losses and in the second to the fifth year, they will cover production defects and general wear and tear. Having said that, many say that even after the fifth year they will repair their luggage at a reasonable price.

In addition to getting the best guarantee, this suitcase is also the most durable. It is made with 100% aircraft-grade aluminum and can be used for decades. However, we advise you to use the silver option as the gray will eventually scratch and the silver aluminum paint will start to show.

As a function, the Tumi 19-degree portable device comes with two TSA-approved combined locks and some useful functions. The main compartment is divided into two equal parts, separated by a sheet of fabric that can be opened in the middle. It comes with two mesh pockets, a hanger holder, and X-shaped straps for the company, which is very good.

If you have the money, this suitcase is definitely worth the investment because it will last for decades.

Coolife zipperless Luggage Expandable 3-Piece Set

Dimension: 30.9 x 20.1 x 12.6 inches.

Weight: 26.6 pounds.

Materials: 100% Aluminum.

Price: under 200 dollars.

If you are looking for a complete set of zipperless suitcases, you should probably choose the 3 zipperless suitcases from Coolife.

Basically, the two largest parts are the same as the smallest carry-on luggage, and we think it’s the most economical zipperless suitcase, it’s even bigger. Like small carry-on luggage, this three-piece luggage is highly appreciated by the customers and the price is very cheap. Basically, you can buy this suitcase at the price of a cheap zipperless aluminum suitcase.

A great addition is that these three parts can be combined. This is a good thing for people living in cramped spaces, because when they don’t use luggage, this type of luggage

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside zipperless suitcase:

Dimension: 12.75 x 20 x 31 inches.

Weight: 11.5 pounds.

Materials: 100% Aluminum.

Price: under 350 dollars.

In short, the Sindermore aluminum carry-on suitcase is very similar to the traveling option (better overall), but the price is a bit more expensive, which is why we prefer the traveling option.

Carry-on luggage is made of 100% aluminum, which means it is really durable. It is also made by a Chinese manufacturer which means your warranty will not be as good as other well-known brands. The warranty terms are very similar to Travelking – you only have the first three years warranty and if there is any damage (excluding the aluminum frame) they will provide part of the free replacement.

Material, design, and other features of Sindermore suitcase:

Although the two models are really very similar, this model is even better. It is equipped with dual rotating wheels and two TSA-approved sidelocks, but the internal compartment is much more advanced. Inside, you’ll find multiple pockets for the company, as well as two stationary panels. One of these panels can be taken out of the bag and folded into a bag, this is a good place to store all your toiletries.

Although this suitcase is relatively heavy, people say it does a good job. In addition, its customers rate it very well, even better than travel. If you want something better than Travelking, not too expensive, Sindermore Aluminum is a good choice.

Amazon Basics 74 cm Navy Blue Softsided Check-in Trolley:

Dimension: 12.4 x 19.6 x 27.75 inches.

Weight: 10.8 pounds.

Materials: 100% Aluminum.

Price: under 100 dollars.

The Unitravel 20 inch carry-on suitcase is the lightest polycarbonate/aluminum zipperless suitcase we have. Others weigh at least 8 pounds or more and weigh only 7.7 pounds. In addition, every pound is important if you buy carry-on luggage
The price is also moderate. It’s not as cheap as Clothink or Coolife but it’s still very cheap. Like other affordable zipperless suitcases, the outer shell is made of polycarbonate, which is the most durable rigid plastic for suitcases and both ends are aluminum.

Like the Coolife Zipperless Suitcase, the suitcase is also equipped with a TSA-approved combination lock that unlocks two additional latches. The system is more affordable but as effective as having two TSA-approved combined locks. The bag is also equipped with very durable large double casters, people say it rolls very easily.

Material, design, and other features of Unitravel suitcase:

The inner compartment is very small and efficient. You will find two fabric partitions with X-shaped compression straps on both sides and an inner pocket. If you use the packing box, you can easily remove the partition, which is why the Unitravel carry-on suitcase is one of the most densely-friendly key sections of all the suitcases we mention in this list.

Out of all the polycarbonate aluminum options, this case is the highest grade. People seem to like everything. If its price drops from $30 to $50, we can put it even higher on this list.

Andiamo Elegante Suitcase with Built-in TSA Lock


Dimension: 21.06 x 12.6 x 31.3 inches.

Weight: 13.05 pounds.

Materials: 100% Aluminum.

Price: under 120 dollars.

If you are looking for reasonably priced checkered polycarbonate/aluminum zipperless suitcases, Clothink is one of the best choices. It is attractive, affordable, durable and well received by customers.

The outer shell is made of polycarbonate, the most durable hard luggage plastic, and the two combined ends are aluminum. From the outside, the polycarbonate shell of the suitcase looks great with a rough carbon-coated coating as well as it also protects against all small scratches. The main bogie is also protected by two TSA-approved code locks, which is very good.

Material, design, and other features of Amazon basics suitcase:

From the inside, it is decorated with two X-shaped tether straps on each side. Both sides are separated by a removable fabric piece with integrated pockets, which is very suitable for the organization. Like the Unitravel zipperless suitcase, this suitcase is also suitable for cube packing because the divider in the middle cannot be trimmed, making the main compartment very wide.

Although we only bundle 24-inch options, they are also available in 28-inch and 20-inch options, available in a variety of colors. Their ratings are good but not as good as Coolife or Unitravel, which is why we only put Clothink in seventh place.

Enkloze KLASIK Aluminum zipperless suitcase (with aluminum frame)

Dimension: 24.88 x 16.69 x 10.31 inches.

Weight: 10.36 pounds.

Materials: 100% Aluminum.

Price: under 260 dollars.

Enkloze KLASIK is another great choice for affordable polycarbonate and aluminum zipperless suitcases. Despite the beautiful appearance, it has some design flaws and the price is higher than other products, so we rated them only 8th.

Basically, because of the way the polycarbonate frame is constructed, the rate of denting is as fast as it should be. You will notice that in other bags, the edges are usually secured or rounded with aluminum caps because the edges break first under pressure. In the Andiamo elegant, the edges are unprotected and at a 90-degree angle, which is why some people complain that they will bend inwards under pressure.

Material, design, and other features of Enkloze KLASIK suitcase:

Therefore, we recommend buying only Enkloze KLASIK walkman instead of 24 inches and 26-inch walkman. This handbag is not strong enough to carry in check but it is very useful for carrying luggage because hand luggage does not need to be so durable.

However, apart from these, this suitcase is very similar to the Clothink Zipperless Suitcase. The main compartment is equipped with two X-shaped tie-down straps, separated by removable fabric sheets on one side and built-in pockets. Like the Clothink and Unitravel options, the main bogie is also very friendly to the packaging cubes. In addition, the main compartment is also protected by two TSA-approved code locks, which are very good.

Enkloze KLASIK is an affordable and well-reviewed alternative that can be used to carry around without a zipper, but it is not strong enough for checked luggage.

Samsonite S’Cure 20″ Polypropylene zipperless suitcase


Dimension: 28.5 x 18 x 11.5 inches.

Weight: 11 pounds.

Materials: 100% Aluminum.

Price: under 160 dollars.

The 20-inch carry-on suitcase from the Samsonite S’Cure is a tighter and reasonably priced non-zipper suitcase.

Samsonite opted for polypropylene without using polycarbonate/aluminum packaging. Polypropylene is the lightest rigid luggage plastic, but it is not as durable as polycarbonate. It is one of the cheapest plastics and it has greater flexibility than polycarbonate.

Material, design and other features of Samsonite S’Cure suitcase:

Since it is made of polypropylene it will not be as durable as the other options on this list. After several trips, many complained of broken wheels and clear dents in the hard frame. Therefore, we recommend that you choose items that carry only with you and avoid using larger suitcases. Due to the weight restriction, the luggage you have to carry with you should be light and the luggage you carry should not be damaged, as the luggage handlers will not leave it.

In fact, this handbag is very basic. From the outside, it is equipped with a TSA-approved single lock and four double rotating wheels for access to the main cabin. The interior is divided into two equal parts, one side is separated by a piece of cloth with a zipper, and the other side is decorated with a strap. It is worth noting that the interior is not lined with a layer of fabric, it is simply made of pure plastic.

If you are looking for cheap and lightweight zipperless carry-on luggage, this may be your best choice. Just avoid the marked options, as the Samsonite S’cure is not strong enough to register.

Samsonite Black Label Lite-Shock Suitcase

Dimension: 28 x 10.5 x 20 inches.

Weight: 9.8 pounds.

Materials: 100% polypropylene.

Price: under 160 dollars.

If you are looking for a lightweight checkered suitcase without zippers, then the Samsonite Fclite is better than the Samsonite S’Cure. Although both models are very similar, F’Lite has better customer reviews.

It is also made of polypropylene, it is not the most durable luggage plastic, but it is the lightest and softest, so it should not break under pressure. The main compartment has three clips and a TSA-approved combination lock handle.

Although the original compartment is not lined with fabric, it is more compact than the S’Cure. It has a simple size lace on one side, an un-clippable fabric on the other, and some built-in pockets for organization. This setting is very friendly for packaging cubes, which is good.

Samsonite bags have a very strong warranty, which has an advantage over all the Chinese-made brands we have mentioned in the list. They have repair centers all over the world and you can rely on their warranty to make it really effective, so some people may choose Samsonite over Traveling, Andiamo, Clothing, Unitravel, Coolife, or Simdermore.

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