Best Samsonite Carry on Spinner in 2022 : Brand Reviews and Ratings

Today you are going to read the complete Best Samsonite Carry on Spinner in 2022: Brand Reviews and Ratings. For those who want a trusted product at a reasonable price, high-quality materials, lifetime worry-free warranty, and so on, the expert says the best Samsonite carry-on spinner luggage is the desired luggage brand in 2021.

In the past decades, many new band luggage has emerged in the market over the past decades. Now the question is : is Samsonite still the best choice for Trent?

Now let’s review the Samsonite luggage and find out its current state of it. We will look at the difference in quality, design, rating, warranty, features, price and similar options with the Samsonite Luggage Band Bags.

In one of our reviews, Samsonite scored 85 out of 100 points in the best luggage band on the market, TravelPro had 1 in 100 points and Chester 8 points on 100 points. It is seen that Samsonite occupies the third position of the middle luggage division.

We know that the best Samsonite carry on spinner luggage band was not ours in the first place. However, they have maintained their reputation for a long time. Samsonite Band Luggage has long been providing quality, design, rating, warranty, feature and price consistency, which explains how they have grown and grown so well over the years.

You can see the full rating in below, how it was determined. We will go deeper into each section and try to explain why our experts have given this specific rating.

Good aspects of Samsonite band :

Solid quality : We acknowledge that good quality luggage of TravelPro, Chester, Briggs and Riley and TUMI, while later the suitcases of Samsonite have been marketed as a new band, but the quality of it is not bad.

Reliable Warranty and Support. The great support for Samsung Luggage consumers is that it is well known for its attractive warranty. Although the Samsonite family does not offer lifetime warranties, they do provide warranty service for five and ten years.

Great review. We know that Samsonite is very popular because their luggage has been tested by thousands of people. From the reviews of our exporters and the ratings of Treta, they are generally 4-4.5 out of 5 points. There is one thing that is significant in the case of Samsonite luggage purchases, most of customers repeat; they has been loyal to the band for decades.

Bad aspects of Samsonite :

Feasible Warranty and Support: The great support for Samsonite Luggage consumers is that it is well known for its attractive warranty. Although the Samsonite family does not offer lifetime warranties, they do provide warranty service for five and ten years.

Handsome review: We know that the best Samsonite carry on spinner luggage is very popular because their luggage has been tested by thousands of people. From the reviews of our exporters and the ratings of customers, they are generally 4-4.5 out of 5 points. There is one thing that is significant in the case of Samsonite luggage purchases, most of customer repeat; they has been loyal to the band for decades.

Packing features shortage : Most of the Samsonite family’s affordable suitcases do not offer packing features, which you can adamantly comment on. There are some brand new unique brands that offer smart packing features.

Higher price : Reviewing the price of Samsonite luggage shows that a shopper can buy a good quality suitcase at a cost of $ 100. But they do have some premium model suitcases that can cost up to $ 700. We do not encourage anyone to buy them because their prices seem a bit unpleasant. Now if you like, you can buy them, they are good quality.

The verdict of Samsonite:

The best Samsonite carry on spinner luggage is an attractive option for entertainers, businessmen and general travelers alike.

We see that there are many bands on the market that have good quality, good durability, warranty, features or looks better but in some cases the quality is not equal. One of the things that is good about Samsonite luggage is that it is a well-tailored suitcase that has an acceptable quality of something cheap. If you are a businessman or single man or someone in your mid-20 years old or someone else who chooses Samsonite, you really can’t go wrong.

You may think or think now that TravelPro or Chester is a good quality choice. These prices are almost equal, accurate and have good warranty conditions. But when you compare it to Delsi, Samsonite can’t be said that much better. The luggage for each of the four bands discussed is a reliable alternative to medium price and point reviews.

The brief history of Samsonite :

Jesse Schweder founded Samsonite International in Denver in 1910. At that time travel was reserved only for the few who had the ability and desire to see the world. Transport was then used for travel. Samsonite was one of the best quality bands to carry things. Initially, Samsonite’s main focus was to produce luggage at an affordable price.

They started producing other products but could not succeed. They found that serving the public through the only luggage preparation is lawful. For the past 110 years, Samson has continued its mastery of craft and heritage as an inventor to create stylish and high-quality solutions for business and global travelers.

Launched as a family business now, the best Samsonite carry on spinner luggage has become a dynamic and leading luggage band in the world with some of the world’s most powerful brands.

Over time, the company acquired several other luggage makers such as American Tourist, Hartman, Tommy, E Bags, High Sierra and Lipolt. Currently featuring all these bands, they are producing Samsonite. As a result, they are now very close to being able to do exclusive business in the market.

Reviews (25/30):

Although we have seen in reviews for a long time, the reviews that customers have provided, one of the top of the baggage band can be said. We also find that various online customers have also commented that the best luggage industry is one of the best. In that case 4-4.5 can be given, which is roughly a good position.

Consumer reviews show that there are several customers who have been using Samsonite luggage for decades. To find out the reason for using such a long product, first of all, the quality of the best Samsonite carry on spinner luggage is good, great warranty, attractive design and workmanship and compatibility value. Obligatory market place for a long (110 years) where many organizations have not been able to maintain consistency.

It has been noticed that customer reviews have declined somewhat in the last few decades. Many people say that their quality is not as good as before. I would say that a few decades ago, when it was seen that their bags had been in the market for more than ten years, their value would be closer now.

As a result, many customers are looking for new options. Many customers are currently interested in buying TravelPro. In terms of pricing, TravelPro is the same, durable and warranty.

Quality (17/20):

We checked with a local dealer named Silhouette Fabric Carry-On, Winfield 2 Hardside, and Sentry Hardage to reveal how perfect the luggage quality of the Samsonite band is. We went to the retailer and visited there. We’ve collected reviews from general buyers. After reviewing everything we must say that we were impressed with the results.

In the silhouette, we have seen how durable and spacious the spinner wheel is and we have come to mind that it is acceptable. Naturally, the spinner wheel is closed. But we’ve come to realize that, in silhouette, the wheels are more rigid and wider than anything else we’ve seen.

One of the important things we noticed is that in all cases the retractable handle seemed really rigid. It didn’t shake at all, which we have in mind to be reliable.

When our team visited Winfield 2 tightly, right in the front of the bat, they noticed that the polycarbonate frame was incredibly flexible. Our team has tested numerous hard-side suitcases, and some of them have Samsonite luggage. We asked the general buyers and took their opinion. Everyone commented that the frame was very flexible. Flexibility is not a problem, as increased flexibility results in fewer fractures.

We’ve researched a lot of customer reviews to be more sure. The review shows that the consumer bag is relatively good after several years of use. But in some cases customers complained about broken spinner wheels and faulty handles, overall everyone was happy with the durability.

Features (13/15):

Since Samsonite’s been doing business with Asante’s reputation for 110 years. They spend a great deal of budget on luggage research and development (research and development) every year.

They come with a lot of high-bag new features every year that you wouldn’t normally find anywhere else.

Innovative Cable TSA Locks for Fabric Suitcases

Most Samsonite’s rare suitcases use integrated TSA combination locks, which is really cool. Especially for all the hardcoded suitcases that cost $ 100 or more, these integrated TSA combination locks are there

Although it makes them attractive because they used fabric cases for structure.

As we notice, most manufacturers only use TSA locks for hazardous bags. But only the best Samsonite carry on spinner luggage has been able to add TSA locks to the fabric bags. In some of their fabric models, you will find a cable that pulls out all of the outer zippers and can connect to the TSA lock.

Building USB ports on premium models:

Integrated USB ports are connected to the Samsung Premium models. You will be charged at the airport, on the trains and on the go when your electronics device is out of charge

You can connect your mobile phone to a power bank through a USB port because you have the option to place your power bank inside a dedicated pocket of the Samsonite Premium Bag.

Right-height retractable handle system:

Samsonite has added a retractable handle system called the “right height” handle system to the most recent models. In general, it’s a fancy modern way of naming a retractable handle with an average-average fixed height.

Typically, two to four fixed heights are usually found for other bands. You’ve got eight on Samsonite’s system, which is very useful for some people.

Durable spinner wheel:

Most of Samsonite’s suitcases have spinner wheels, which is very strong. Based on reviews from other customer reviews, we have found that faulty spinner wheels are a common problem for most brands. Customers are fairly satisfied with their spinner wheels.

Water-resistant coating in fabric suitcases:

Almost all of Samsonite’s fabric bags resist water to some extent. Some are given waterproof coated coating on the bag. Immediate bags are made using ballistic nylon materials that are naturally water-resistant.

Since it prevents water, you might think that you can swim with them, but there is danger. This means that light rain will protect the contents of your bag from the water.

Expandable zippers on most models:

If you want to carry more things, the good news for you is that Samsonite’s suitcases feature a stretchy zipper. Through which the bag can be extended an additional 1.5-2 inches. This results in an extra 15-25% baggage holding capacity.

Design (13/15):

Samsonite’s low-end fabric suitcases look a bit generic but that their sturdy shell bags look stunning. You might think Winfield 2 races are clever but they look professional.

But first of all we find that Samsonite is consistent with their style. As a result, everyone likes Samsonite

In general, the best Samsonite carry on spinner luggage has been created for businessmen, professionals, frequent travelers and those who enjoy a unique and sleek look. Samsonite is made in a special professional style which is excellent because they always want to uphold their core values.

Warranty (9-10):

We know that Samsonite always offers an attractive warranty for its customers. They have trusted clients who have been loyal for decades for this outstanding warranty and friendly support.

You should know, however, that Samsonite has a 3-year or 10-year limited warranty for all suitcases.

The Samsonite Committee does not cover warranty for normal wear and tear, damage to transportation, or any damage caused by improper use. They only cover manufacturing defects and defects from the use of unnecessary substances as warranties.

We often see that clients come to the warranty center to repair a crew of free Samsonite suitcases, which clearly do not cover warranty policies. But the Samsonite committee repairs those bags for free to maintain customer loyalty.

Customers need to know two things about repairing the Samsonite bag crew: The customer can send his or her own bag to the warranty repair center or the customer can go to the nearest Samsonite store, and depending on how big the briefcase is, the dealer will send $ 10-15 for a small fee to the Samsung Repair Center from customers.

Instead of the regular spinner wheels on newer models, you get the double wheel through the ‘True Track’ technology. This method increases the steering and shortening of the suitcase to this straight line. In general consideration, Samsonite covers an attractive and reliable warranty. Considering the customer’s satisfaction with the warranty, we gave 9 out of 10 points.

Price (8-10):

The best Samsonite carry on spinner luggage has different price suitcases. Many people think the price of Samsonite’s suitcase has reached the limit. But in reality it is not. They have a variety of affordable bags, which cost around $ 100- $ 200 and the quality of these bags is good.

Samsonite’s premium models cost about $ 300-400 which doesn’t make much money and are overpriced.Because you are getting a better bag at this price than Tommy or Briggs and Riley. However, there are some premium suitcases that offer up to $ 700. I do not encourage buying them.

Samsonite suitcase reviews individually:

1. Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage :

Main points

Name of Products Samsonite Winfield 2  Comment
Dimension 23 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches Bigger
Weight  6.7 lbs (3.03 kg) Light
Prime Material Polycarbonate Flexible
Warranty  Available 10 Years Feasible
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best samsonite carry on spinner new black

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The purpose of displaying the first Samsonite Winfield 2 is to give its overall texture, appearance and durability something that excites everyone. It’s great to have it all together.

The exterior shell of Samsonite Winfield 2 is made of polycarbonate polymer. As you surely know, polycarbonate polymers are more durable than ABS. Polycarbonate is a much more flexible polymer, resulting in less cracks in the line. The suitcases of other bands are manufactured with ordinary polymers so the shell is solid but not durable. It uses a brushed anti-scratch pattern, which Samsonite does not usually see on most small scratches.

Four strong spinner wheels have been mounted on the outside of the best Samsonite carry on spinner luggage. This is very durable because the Samsonite committee tests for several hours with a full load on their own testing center.

The spinner wheels used here did not look as rigid as the four wheels on the Samsonite Silhouette XV. We hope they used them instead. The spin wheels were nicely attached to a TSA compliant adjustment lock, upper and side handles, and a retractable top handle.

The main baggage of the Samsonite Winfield 2 luggage is divided into two equal parts divided by a fabric sheet. You will also find a small pocket and two condensation straps inside to hold your valuables.

Overall, we would say it comes with relatively inexpensive, decent features, a reliable luggage with a 10 (ten) year warranty. If you want to buy a Samsonite luggage, I encourage you to buy this bag.


  • 10 (ten) years worry-free warranty.
  • TSA compliant adjustment lock.
  • Retractable top handle.


  • Not water resistance.
  • Having no google tracker.

2. Samsonite Silhouette XV 21-Inch Carry-On:

 Main points

Name of Products Samsonite Silhouette XV  Comment
Dimension 21.25 x 15.25 x 10 inches  Standard
Weight 6.5 lbs (2.94 kg) Light
Prime Material Polycarbonate Flexible
Warranty  Available 10 Years Feasible
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best samsonite carry on spinner red

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Compared with the Samsonite Winfield 2, it can be seen that the SoftSide Silhouette XV features 21 inches in packing and in some cases more points.

The frame of this suitcase has been fitted with rigid three-core nylon for water resistance. This water resistance system will protect the bag from soaking in the light rain.

The outer part of the suitcase has smooth rounded spinner wheels that roll in a straight line. All in all, the bag feels solid and well-equipped. Most customers claim it is fitted in the overhead department.

You will find a handle attached to the top of the suitcase, side and bottom of the luggage. The retractable handle on the top of the luggage is made of aluminum. Other suitcases have three or four positions on the handle but have eight specific positions.

A TSA-approved lock has been added to the main compartment for the security of the bag. We know that these locks are not commonly used in fabric suitcases. You will also find a few pockets, compression straps, a TSA-compliant toiletry pouch and a hanger for clothing and other items to keep small items in the main baggage, not to be crushed. In a word, there is a great packing setup that fits the price.

It is well positioned in Samsonite fabric suitcases. It offers affordable but many reliable features.


  • A TSA-approved lock
  • Smooth rounded spinner wheels.
  • Water resistance.
  • Lovable colors.


  • Having no facility of google Tracker.
  • Lack of Suit hanger.

3. Samsonite Winfield 2 3-Piece Luggage Set:

 Main points

Name of Products   Samsonite Winfield  Comment
Dimension 20, 24, & 28 inches  Standard
Weight 26.67 lbs (12.09 kg) Light
Prime Material Polycarbonate Flexible
Warranty  Available 10 Years Feasible
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best samsonite carry on spinner black

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The Winfield 2 3-piece luggage set in the best Samsonite carry on spinner luggage suitcase is currently offering well. Many claim it to be the best in the market. We’ll review it now and see if it’s actually the best?

We think that Winfield 2 3-Piece Luggage Set is the best that Samsonite has to offer. In fact, we believe this is one of the best luggage sets on the market.

They have come to the market with a set of 20, 24 and 28-inch suitcases. Each set fits in well with the other so they don’t take up extra space when stored in the attic. Brush fittings of the set are available in a variety of colors such as charcoal, deep blue, brushed anthracite, orange and violet.

All three are made of polycarbonate polymers. Polycarbonate is a flexible polymer that is more durable than ABS. Polycarbonate is a light polymer that provides durability and a lightweight suitcase. The larger two suitcases have expandable zippers, which can extend up to 1.5 inches in width. The three suitcases are fitted with a TSA-approved composite lock and four spinner wheels.

Inside each bag is divided into two sections by a fabric sheet. There is a large zipper pocket for holding your little things and an x-shaped compression strap to store your contents properly.

The Winfield 2 Luggage Set is affordable, durable, lightweight, furnished and supported by a 3 year warranty and so on.


  • Very lightweight.
  • 3 (three) years warranty.
  • Used polycarbonate polymer.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Long lasting proved by customers.


  • Three years warranty is less than others.
  • Having no hanger for suits.

4. Samsonite Freeform Hardside 21-Inch Carry-On:

 Main points

Name of Products Samsonite Freeform Hardside  Comment
Dimension 21.25 x 15.25 x 10 inches  Standard
Weight 6.5 lbs (2.94 kg) Light
Prime Material Polycarbonate Flexible
Warranty  Available 10 Years Feasible
Photos   Click here Below
best samsonite carry on spinner 3 in set

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Now let’s talk about the Samsonite Freeform 21 inch hardcase luggage. The color of the Samsonite is white, which makes the suitcases look great. The price is a lot cheaper which may be a good quality option for you.

The outer shell of the Samsonite Freeform 21 inch Hardice luggage is made by polycarbonate polymer. We know that polycarbonate is a stronger polymer than ABS.

Although it has no separate protection for scratches, it does not display many scratches, including scratches in white, according to customers’ annotations. The Black, Navy, Sage Green, Tangerine and White color of the Samsonite Freeform 21 inch Hardice luggage are generally available.

The Best Samsonite carry on spinner has a double spinner wheel mounted underneath for smooth movement, which does not make any noise. The retractable handle on the top of the luggage and the general handle on the side are attached. The outer portion of the Samsonite Free-form Hardcase Suitcase has no pockets but the original buggy is fitted with a TSA-approved composite lock.

The inside of best Samsonite carry on spinner is divided into two equal parts. There are two pockets inside to store your small items, and you’ll get an X-shaped compression strap to keep all of your clothing in the frame. One nice thing about the bag is that you can extend the extra two inches with a stretchable zipper if needed.

The size of the suitcase is a bit larger, but you can successfully fit the bag between the airline’s measuring boxes.

If you think about it, you will understand what you have gone through in exchange for the price of the bag. I’d say you get more than you expect. Thanks.


  • Cheapest price.
  • Greatest design and colors.
  • Polycarbonate polymer used.
  • TSA-approved composite lock.


  • Somewhat bigger.
  • Having no facility of the USB port.

I think you have decided to choose the best Samsonite carry on spinner. Thank you.

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