best carry on suitcases for kids

Best carry on suitcases for kids in 2022

There is a time for thinking about the best carry on suitcases for kids. Our team research the best carry on suitcases for kids. Now we discuss the best carry on suitcases for kids. We emphasize brands, durability, raw material, warranty, price wheels, fashion, and color to identify the best carry on suitcases for kids.

10 (ten) best carry on suitcases for kids with the cheapest price, till 10 (ten) years worry-free warranty, high-quality material used, strong telescoping handle and durable spinning wheels are showed and explained in the below.

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The things which we always consider when buying luggage, especially for kids, we know that the kid always likes good color and design. We have taken a serious look at the color and design of children when it comes to bag selection.

One thing we always emphasize is the durability of the bag, despite the durable colors and design. We cannot be satisfied if the bag is not durable in the long run. That’s why we consider the material being made by baggage selection.

As we know good raw material is known as ABS/polycarbonate moisturizer which will make the bag nice and strong. We take this issue seriously when it comes to choosing a baby bag and that’s how we tried to review it.


In the case of the best carry on suitcases for kids selection, it is up to the child to use the bag to his advantage. We have to notice that it does not cause him any thought. Let’s select him in such a way that the child can use the luggage as his own toy. In that case, whether we have a handle, a beautiful wheel, whether the wheel runs properly, whether everything will be acceptable to the child and we choose the research on it. Sometimes we face the problems of packing suitcases. If you want to pack your kids’ suitcases, you may follow the complete guidelines of packing tips and tricks.

Luggage selection:

There is another very important thing when we do in the selection of best carry on suitcases for kids. Especially for children, children do not carry bags for long and they become tired after a time when it is seen that the parents have to carry their bags. We have considered the best carry on suitcases for kids selection for all the bags that have solder strap. We also follow the complete guidelines of luggage selection from hard-side vs soft-side luggage.

Thought of customers:

Money is needed to buy anything. Our team always wants the thing that we buy to be the best thing on the market. We try to reduce the price but the quality of the product will be good. Nobody is out of that. When it comes to product selection, we usually try to buy good products for those who frequently travel to different places every year. The price is not a consideration here. Considering what brand warranty service, luggage company reputation, etc. you have to buy.

Now we will be going to explain the reviews and try and identify why the suitcases are the best carry on luggage for kids.

Boppy Tiny Trekker kids luggage:


Main points

Name of Products  Boppi Tiny Trekker kids luggage  Comment
Dimension 17.4 x 11.8 x 9.2 inches  Standard
Weight 3.31 pounds Very Lightweight
Prime Material Polyester Standard
Wheels 2 (two) Feasible
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The best carry on suitcases for kids is a product of Booster USA inc.  It is built in the form of a variety of airplanes, dinosaur, pink dog, Penguin, robot, strawberry, a tiger with the preferences of children. It is lightweight and sturdy 16.5  inches Suitcase cabin bag. There are two protective compartments and two Elasticated packing straps for holding kids’ clothes and others.

The most attractive matter of the trolley bag is its attractive colors.  Not only children but also every person will love pink and other colors. It has a strong locked system NAMED ZIPPER. Its inner zipper compartment is suitable for toys and other valuable things of kids. The trolley bag can load till 4.5 gallons or 17 liters easily. But I suggest you not to over 4.0 gallons that protect your bags. It keeps your bag strong.

The most attractive pros of the best carry on suitcases for kids are its color and shape. Children can use it with happiness. There is no tension for kids’ choices. It is a slightly water-resistant suitcase for kids.  It can protect books or their products from water. The trolley is like a holdall.

Why is Boppi Tiny Trekker kid’s luggage better than others?


The ping colored water-resistant trolley bags are very light. it weighs only 3.3 pounds. Every child can carry it smoothly. Sometimes they run with carrying it easily.


The handle is a very important part of a trolley bag. It has an expendable walk along with the handle. You can easily extend or shorten the handle. By wising handle, every child can bear the bag smoothly. They can extend down easily for storage on planes, at homes or in a car and so on.


The Barbie trolley bag is made of a treatable material. It is made from robust material which makes them soft and durable.


The trolley bags have 2 urethane wheels. The wheels are made of rubber. It is highly durable. So every kid can take it easy. The most important aspect of the bag is its upright stoppers which allow you to stand the bag easily.

Inner materials:

The best carry on cabin bag normally made of fabric material but its inner side made of plastic.

Please know about products than make a decision to buy a product. At first, you should know about the products. There are some important facts about buying products.


  • World best brand.
  • It is the cheapest.
  • Baby can bear it smoothly.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Made of qualified plastic and fabric.
  • Proper security by zipper locked.


  • The only baby can use it.
  • Slight water-resistant.

American Tourister Kids soft-side luggage:

Main points

Name of Products  American Tourister Kids soft-side luggage  Comment
Dimension 18 x 12 x 7 inches  Standard
Weight 2.65 pounds Light
Prime Material  polyester Flexible
Warranty 10 (ten) years Feasible
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If you want to search for an excellent long-lasting and attractive color Barbie. You can read the reviews of the star wars R2-dye  colored trolley bag with 2(two) easily rotating wheels. Its outside made of lightweight and durable polyester material. It’s all side is decorated and structure with soft materials. So, its side is sturdy. It is colored by star wars R2-dye  that extend its beauty and which every child loves this colored very much.


The main attraction of a trolley bag is it’s 10 (ten) years worry-free warranty. It has an extendable handle that helps everyone to carry the trolley bag smoothly. There are 2 (two) wheels set down the Barbie trolley bag.

The main aspects of the wheel are that it is set up in a way that can be rotated easily and stand anywhere. The wheels have a beautiful shape that enlarges its beauty and makes it more attractive. There is a normal handle upper side of the bag beside the extendable handle. If you do not use the extendable handle, you can normally use the handle to remove the luggage.

The best carry on suitcases for kids is printed by favorite baby color. It is a dye color which has made it an excellent attraction. A photo of a rocket with glittering stars makes it lovesome.

Warranty :

American Tourister kid luggage has a 10 (ten) year warranty.  They usually cover all parts of aircraft damage, transit loss, normal wear, and tear.  American Tourister covers any kind of shipping costs. So, customers will be tensionless for  10 (ten) years.

You should know that they do not cover cosmetics harmful, accidental damage, and others. In this case, the customer should not be upset. You can repair them in lieu of some money.

There is a normal zipper system in this kid’s luggage. You can lock the zipper may by locker.


There are two compartments of the Barbie trolley bag. One is the main compartment and the other is the sub-compartment. The main compartment is bind with a rubber that holds the clothes from random.


  • Renowned Brand.
  • 10 (ten) years worry-free warranty.
  • Nice printed (star war r-2 dye).
  • Good quality bases raw materials.
  • It is perfect for boys and girls.


  • It is slightly water-resistant).
  • It is not perfect for adults.

Disney Frozen 2 hard-sided Tween spinner 20 inches:

best carry on suitcases for kids

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Main points

Name of Products  Disney Frozen 2 Tween spinner 20(New)  Comment
Dimension 21.9 x 14.1 x 10 inches  Standard
Weight 5.2 lb Light
Prime Material ABS / Polycarbonate composite High Quality
Wheels 4 Spinner wheels Feasible
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It is a Disney frozen hard-side luggage of high-quality material-based Abs/Polycarbonate composite plastic. The best-checked luggage tween spinner children luggage is made of Polycarbonate plastic which makes it long-lasting durability. The polycarbonate is naturally transparent amorphousness thermoplastic and it has very good heat resistance.


The Disney frozen hard-sided luggage has 2 (two) years limited. Cosmetics and accidental harmful do not cover warranty services.

Extendable handle:

The best suitcase for travel children’s luggage has two handles. One is an extendable handle that can be lengthened or shortened as our demand. And another handle is on the top of the bag beside the extendable handle. The retractable 13 inches handle makes it to carry on for children.

Color :

The bag is printed by multi- ping colored mixing sky blue and ping. There are two cute cartoons (Elsa and Anna) character pictures that are printed on both sides on the bag which definitely makes happy the kids.

Materials :

The outer side of the children’s luggage is made of polycarbonate composite plastic and the inner side of the bag is high-quality fabric. The trolley bag is very lightweight.

The children’s trolley has a sturdy zipper closure which is long-lasting than others.

Spinning wheels :

There are 4(four) wheels setting up down the bag. The 2 (two) wheels can be rotated 360 degrees smoothly. The wheels are set up in such a way with an unbreakable shell that makes no sound when spinning wheels.

Children love to roll it in the airport or at home. Sometimes kid plays with the spinning wheels of the luggage.

Very lightweight :

The children’s bag is structured with high-quality raw materials that make it very light. Its weight is only 5.2 lb. The bag’s high-quality raw material resists high shaking.

Expandable zipper :

There is an expandable zipper setting up the luggage. You can extend 20% extra space of the luggage by zipper.

Compartment :

The bag has 1 (one) compartment. The compartment has taken capacity of 16 kg’s things. But I suggest you not over 16 kg’s to keep it sturdy.

The compartment of the bag is shaped inside an extra pocket where you can keep shoes and so on according to its capacity.

The compartment is fitted by elastic to hole the things from being random.

Pros :

  • Cheapest price.
  • Best raw materials (Abs/polycarbonate composite).
  • Very light in weight.
  • Limited worry-free warranty.
  • 2 (two) soundless spinning 360 rotating wheels.
  • Two (extendable and normal) carrying handle.


  • Slight water-resistant.
  • Not perfect for kids under 3 (three ) years old.

Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage with super stylish:

Main points

Name of Products Stophen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage  Comment
Dimension 8.5 x 18 x 14.5 inches  Standard
Weight 2.25 pounds Light
Prime Material synthetic High qualified
Wheels 2 (two) spinning Feasible
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It is a piece of luggage by Stophen Joseph inc.  The products are made 100% polyester. Everybody knows that about the quality of polyester. The rolling luggage consists of colorful exciting characters and patterns, zipper closure, multiple pockets, and so on. Colorful exciting patterns make the luggage super stylish.


Polyester is a material on which color and pattern glitter very much.  They are able to draw these colorful exciting characters and patterns on it because of polyester. There are 12 (twelve) colors and patterns in this rolling luggage. They are airplane, dino, shark, girl horse, hot pink/green lime, mermaid, owl, princess/castle, rainbow, shark, sports, and unicorn.

The excellent matter of classic rolling luggage is its Telescoping handle. The handle has a stopper that can allow it to stand anywhere. There is a side handle beside the telescoping handle. You can retract the telescoping handle as your demand.

The bag’s cursing manufactured with skilled workers. The casing is so very soft and it can tolerate high pressure.

Durable zipper:

The trolley has a lock system which is called zipper closure. The lock is set up with a high-quality long-lasting zipper. One can easily open the trolley bay pulling the zipper slow down.No need high pressure.

Storage capacity:

The trolley bag consists of the main big compartment. Soft elastic fitted with one part of the compartment which holds on ting from random. The compartment consists of plenty of pockets to pack all their clothes and necessaries. There are multiple outside compartments to travel things.

The trolley bag has normally taken or having a loading capacity of 15 kilograms. But I suggest you not to over 15 kgs.


The trolley bag has two perfect handles. One is extendable and others are beside the extendable. Extendable handle help. One can extend or shorten the extendable handle as one’s convenience. So children operate the luggage without their parent’s assistance.

Not only children but also adults can use the bag. Children can pull it effortlessly. The trolley is very light in weight.

2(Two) toughness wheels are set up down the trolley bag. The cooling things about spin wheels are they don’t require much control from you.  Kids can effortlessly rotate it without other resistance.


The polyester material is extremely lightweight allowing you to pack more wheels avoiding mesh weight surcharges. It is extremely durable to abuses impact and flex-back to its shape.


There is a little 30 (thirty ) days manufacturing warranty in this luggage. That is very little and customers demand more warranty from them.


  • Cheapest price.
  • Colorful exciting patterns.
  • 100% polyester materials.
  • Carry on approve size.
  • Telescoping handle.


  • Little 30 (thirty) days warranty.
  • Not water-resistant.

Goplus kid carry-on luggage:

Main points

Name of Products  Goplus kid carry-on luggage:  Comment
Dimension 18.5 x 12.5 x 9.5 inches  Standard
Weight 6.2 pounds Light
Prime Material premium material Flexible
Wheels 4 (four) versatile wheels Feasible
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Goplus kid carry-on luggage is one of the best luggage that is on sale in the market. It is made with premium material and advanced quality features. A baby is easily liked and looks the most beautiful to him. This feature is made up of advanced quality components that make it last longer. Kids can carry these types of luggage on the shoulder for a long time. As a result, parents do not have to worry about carrying this luggage. It is not wasted simply because it is made of high-quality raw material. It provides a 100%  warranty on the use of raw material and advanced quality material.

Lightweight design

This is one of the best luggage because its features are designed in a way that is very light and the kids can easily carry it on their shoulders. Babies do not feel any obstacle to crying. Children carry it very easily. To them, it does not cause any problems.

Versatile wheel

The Goplus best carry-on suitcases for kids features 4 (four) versatile wheels that can rotate it up to 360 degrees. As a result, the baby can easily pull and which makes them feel good.

Unique design

The design of the luggage is ergonomically arranged. There is an adjustable pull handle that is beautifully crafted on top of the bag. It can be easily traded and can be stopped at different positions. This can be convenient for children to get up and take care of. This has created a fancy variation that children sometimes use as toys.


  • Cheapest price.
  • Unique kids lovable design with seven colors and patterns.
  • 100% high-quality materials.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Spinning wheels with 360 degrees rotating.


  • Slight water-resistant.
  • Scratched easily on the surface.
  • Rotating may confuse kids.

Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase and luggage:

Main points

Name of Products Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase  Comment
Dimension 17.4 x 8 x 11.2 inches  Standard
Weight  3.44 pounds Light
Colors and patterns 8 (eight) available Choice-able
Wheels 4 (four) spinning Feasible
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Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase is one of the best carry on suitcases for kids that is currently on sale in the market. The luggage adds a variety of interesting colors and designs that add a different dimension and fun to kid’s travel.

It’s made of lightweight plastic that kids can easily ride on but it won’t hurt any luggage. Kids can easily play on top of it which doesn’t hurt the bag. Going somewhere on vacation or going somewhere on the weekend seems like an ideal choice for kids.


It is ideal for aviation or all types of vehicles. Its dimensions are 20 * 18 * 10 * inches, which is a very low price for all types of vehicles or any other airlines. This is considered as a standard suitcase for all types of aircraft. I think all the best carry on suitcases for kids is fir for every airline but you should know the international and  American airline’s baggage restriction and fee.


The main purpose of a bag is to pack children’s toys, games, books, clothing, daily use items. The Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase Bag is a beautiful and fun design with about 14.5 gallons of storage space. We think it is sufficient to have a capacitance of 14.5 gallons of luggage for a child’s trip.


This bag can be a favorite toy companion when kids are upset or annoyed by parents at a resort or at any place in the house.


Not only does it climb up but there is a handle on the back of the suitcase to hold it together. Kids will be able to control it with steering just like a vehicle. The lid on the top of it is strong enough to protect the clothing and other valuables inside.


Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase Luggage offers 5(five) years worry-free warranty service. As a result, the customer does not have to spend the bag for five years.


  • Cheapest price.
  • Children can ride on it and play.
  • High qualified material.
  • 5 (five) years worry-free warranty.
  • Best playmate for children
  • Very lightweight.
  • 10 (ten) colors available in markets.


  • Wheels can not be rotated smoothly.
  • Normal handle available.

Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage 2 pieces Set

Main points

Name of Products Rockland Fashion Softside  Comment
Dimension 8 x 13 x 19 inches  Standard
Weight 6.35 pounds Light
Prime Material  Heavy Duty Eva-Molded
Hi-Count Fabric. 
Pieces 2 (two) Feasible
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Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage 2 pieces Set One of the best luggage that is on sale in the market. It uses the advanced Patented Heavy Duty Eva-Molded Hi-Count Fabric to make the passion more durable and beautiful.

This is an ideal bag for families who travel to different places and countries at different times of the year.

The best carry on suitcase for kids has an expandable handle that can be positioned conveniently. The two wheels are tightly folded to make the bag easier to carry. The sapling makes the bag easier to navigate and more acceptable.


The choice and design of the bag have been considered very carefully in the design and design of the bag. Children’s favorite designs and shapes have been given. Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage 2 pieces Set A special emphasis has been given to the design of the set magnetically. Because there is a telescoping handle attached and there are 2 separate handles on the side and top to easily move the bag around.


Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage 2 pieces Two wheels have been added for easier carrying at the bottom of the set. They made the bag very easy to remove. One important thing is that the wheels are very durable and it doesn’t make any noise while moving.

Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage 2 pieces There is enough room for kids to keep toys, books, games and more. The dimensions of the trolley bag are 13 * 9 * 8 inches and the carry on tote bags are 12 * 11 * 5.5 inches.

Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage 2 pieces have a main compartment that is protected by high-quality zippers and ensures 100% safety. Besides, there are three inner pockets next to the main compartment of the bag where bookshelves, book games, etc. can be stored neatly. The tote bag has a nice solder to put on the neck that doesn’t slip.


Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage 2 pieces Bag offers 5 years of worry-free warranty service. The luggage company repairs all types of damage except cosmetic and accidental damage for up to five years for free. In this case, the customer has to contact the nearest customer service.


  • Cheapest Price.
  • 5 (five) years warranty.
  • Upright luggage of 2 (two) pieces.
  • Telescoping handle.
  • Excellent spinning wheels.
  • High-quality base material.


  • Not water-resistant.
  • Having no facility of USB cable.

MiniMAX Childrens/Kids Cabin Luggage Carry On

Main points

Name of Products MiniMAX Childrens/Kids Cabin Luggage  Comment
Dimension 35 x 20 x 45 cm  Standard
Weight 1.4 Kg Light
Strap Backpack Pouch
Wheels 2 (two) spinning Feasible
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The Aerolite Minimax children trolley teddy holder Tally Bag is one of the best carry on suitcases for kids that are on the market. The luggage is made of extremely valuable material. The specialty in the Aerolite Minimax Trolley bag is that it can be used both as a trolley bag and as a shoulder bag.

The best-checked luggage bag is well-stocked and offers the ideal size for kids of all classes. The pouch bag is very useful for carrying favorite toys, going to a picnic, or going to sleepovers or taking toys on any vacation, children’s clothing, etc. It is generally said that regular people. This is an interesting choice for those traveling.


Aerolite Company offers 2 (two) years’ warranty service for their luggage. The 2 (two) years warranty proves that the luggage is of the highest quality. Customers can purchase with confidence and use the luggage for two years at no cost. The Company will bear the cost of repairing any damages (except cosmetics and accidental damages). In this case, the customer has to contact the nearest customer service.


The Minimax Children’s Trolley Bag has been given an attractive shape so that it can be easily carried on any plane or vehicle and does not have to be extra charged to carry it. You can often load up to 30 liters of luggage in the luggage. It should be noted that the bag weighs just 3.09 lbs. It’s a lightweight one that children can easily carry.

Multiple Storage:

There are several convenient arrangements for children’s toys to keep them in one place. One place has two pockets and one pouch. The way kids can keep their toys safe. This type of facility is not available in other bags. The pockets of luggage are very adjustable and there can be kept various types of dolls, teddy-bear. In a word, everything that a normal baby needs can be safely stored here. Parents can be sure of the safety of the goods.

Handle on telescope

Personality has an advanced telescope handle. The handle allows the children to hold different positions and make it smaller and larger as a convenience. The handle exerts a positive influence on the carrying of baby bags.

Spinning wheel

The Aerolite  MiniMax Trolley bag has 2(two) spinning wheels. The 2(two) wheels made bags more acceptable. With spinning wheels, children can easily carry them to the airport or resort or anywhere else. Parents do not have to worry about carrying this bag. The child carries his responsibility and they enjoy pulling it.


  • Low price but good product.
  • 2 (two) years warranty.
  • Excellent Shoulder straps.


  • Lack of USB port.

Skip Hop Kids Luggage with wheels:

Main points

Name of Products Skip Hop Kids Luggage  Comment
Dimension 12 x 5.5 x 16 inches  Standard
Weight 1.76 pounds Light
Prime Material Canvas Flexible
Wheels easy transportation spinning Durable
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Skip Hop Kids Luggage has come up with beautiful fun and interesting designs that the kid loves. There is a packet in front of the bag that can easily hold any important item. Kids can keep kids’ toys, books in there easily. There’s a 13-inch Push Button handle that makes it easy to carry.


The best carry on suitcases for kids is manufactured with advanced quality raw material which ensures a long and durability. It is made by a long-lasting poly-canvas fabric on which various children’s favorite designs are made. The zipper is made by matching the color of the bag. There is a mess packet next to the luggage where you can place other items, including water bottles.

Skip Hop Kids Luggage with Wheels has a variety of colors and designs, including butterfly, giraffe, ladybug, monkey, Raines, White, unicorn, etc. The surfaces of different color and design bags have been figured out which every child will easily enjoy and enjoy.

Skip Hop Kids Luggage with Wheels Another interesting thing is that it has an adjustable and removable solder strap that will allow it to be a shoulder to shoulder with parents or anyone else. In that case, there is no need for a hand. The solder stop has been added to the bag in a way that allows parents to easily carry it.

Special emphasis has been given to size. All types of aircraft or vehicles or anywhere else can be taken so easily and have a stretchable handle that can be kept in small and large locations at any time so that you can carry any aircraft at no extra cost.


  • Lowest price.
  • Having an extra shoulder strap for parents.
  • Funny and enjoyable baby colors.
  • 13 (thirteen) inches puss button handle.


  • Slight water-resistant.
  • Not perfect after 10 (ten) years old children.

American Tourister Kids’ Disney Hardside Upright Luggage

Main points

Name of Products American Tourister Kids’ Disney  Comment
Dimension 8 x 13 x 18 inches  Standard
Weight 4.75 pounds Light
Prime Material ABS or polycarbonate Hard-side
Wheels  skate wheels for easy mobility Feasible
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American Tourister, a well-known company, has long been producing quality durable luggage with very advanced quality. American Tourister companies use advanced quality ABS or polycarbonate to make luggage. The two-wheeled luggage makes it acceptable for high-quality material and to carry it beautifully.


The best carry on suitcases for kids has an expandable handle that can be mounted at will. The size of the bag is designed in such a way that it is not necessary to provide a suitable and extra cost for all aircraft or vehicles.

Quality of material

The best carry on suitcases for kids is used in the manufacture of high-quality ABS/polycarbonate material which makes it acceptable. Individuals have been developed with high-quality wheels that will not be easily wasted. An attractive telescope handle has been added to the luggage, manufactured with high-quality raw material that children will not suffer any harm if they take it lightly.

Lovable kid design

The design of the American Tourister Kids’ Disney Hardside Upright Luggage bag has been taken seriously by the children. The two handles have a telescope and the other a simple handle for children’s convenience. There is no reason to worry about it or the parents.

Attractive warranty:

American Tourister Kids’ Disney Hardside Upright Luggage offers excellent and acceptable warranty service at all times. The exception to this bag is that they offer a 10-year limited worry-free warranty service, which is a really attractive offer. Customers are always concerned about the warranty. While other companies aren’t particularly interested in providing warranties for baby luggage, American Tourister offers reliable 10-year worry-free warranties that are really appealing.


  • Lowest price.
  • 10 (ten) years worry-free warranty.
  • ABS/Polycarbonate world best materials used.
  •  skate wheels for easy mobility.


  • Having no USB port.
  • Not perfect after 10 (ten) years old children.
I think you decide and buy your desired luggage. We always try to make our children happy. We should always try to give importance to children’s choice for selection best carry on suitcase for kids or anything. Thank you.