american tourister luggage review

Top 5 American Tourister Luggage Review in 2022

Let’s face it! Today you are going to read the complete Top 5 American Tourister Luggage Review in 2022. Do you want to buy American Tourister luggage? I think this is the right decision for you and you have come to the right place and see the American Tourister luggage review.

My team and I have done detailed research on that luggage before choosing any luggage. We have done detailed research on American Twister Luggage. We focus on a number of factors when selecting luggage, such as luggage quality, features, warranty, material, safety, packing facilities, hard or soft luggage, and what are the disadvantages.

american tourister luggage review

We’ve tried to discuss American Twister Luggage Review in detail. Hopefully, you can find out the full details about luggage from here. All these features will help you to make a decision. If you know all the features through detailed discussion, you will understand whether American Twister Luggage is really suitable for you.

Since it is a luggage review website. I have discussed many famous luggage vans here. I’ve reviewed about ten of America’s best quality luggage, backpacks, and suitcases. In my own opinion, I gave a number. However, in these considerations, I gave American Tourist Luggage 78 out of 100.

American Tourister luggage reviews and buying guide in 2022:

Affordable price :

You can buy American Tourister carry on luggage for 50-100 US dollars. To buy a set of luggage, you will spend $ 60-180. American Tourister suitcases are among the most affordable price.

Great Warranty:

Everyone knows that Samsonite has a reliable warranty. And there is also a negotiable warranty for American tourists. Because Samsonite owns ‘American Traveler’ and the two warranty are almost identical. Thus, American Tourister and Samsonite luggage remain the same during the warranty period. They has a limited 10 years warranty.

American Tourister suitcase bad reviews:

Lack of features:

American Tourister luggage lack smart features as their luggage are cheap. We know that most of their functions are very limited and do not provide many other functions like TSA locks, expansion zippers, USB chargers, protective cases, or other smart packaging functions but some protective cases have these functions.

Unfit for frequent travelers:

How many times a year do you travel? If you travel once or twice a year, the American tourist bag lasts at least five to ten years. When you start using these more frequently, the lifespan of your luggage starts to increase faster.

Your Judgment on luggage:

Overall, American Tourist offers some very reliable options in the affordable price range. Their bags are adequately durable, reliable warranty for most people, and are strictly reviewed.

However, if you plan to travel frequently, we do not advise you to buy American Touriste because their brand lacks consistency. We can say that ‘American Tourister’ is safe for children and leisure travelers.

If you follow these guidelines, your luggage can last five to ten years, which is not bad. In addition, you will receive a guarantee of safety and reliability that is rare for affordable luggage brands.

American Tourister luggage

American Tourister luggage brand was founded in 1933 in Rhode Island, USA. Their primary concern was to produce good and fun suitcases at affordable prices. Later in 1993, Samsonite acquired American Tourister. American Tourister still owns Samsonite and in many cases, their issues are almost the same.

I have seen that you have followed the same policy in the case of American Tourister and Samsonite warranties. Also owns several more luggage bands or American Tourister like Hartmann, Tumi,  eBags, High Sierra, and Lipault.

Statistics show that since 2018, American Tourister has sold. 66.7 million. Where Samsung has sold 1.2 billion. It is precisely through this calculation that we can get an idea and through these statistics, it is understood that American Tourister is currently the second most popular organization. They sell roughly many billions every year.

American Tourister luggage reviews discussion:

I have reviewed customer reviews from various websites to give you a closer look at American Tourister luggage. I have found that American Tourister Customer Review is better than other affordable luggage, such as Lucas, Rockland. You may be surprised to know that the American Tourister has 4 to 4.8 stars in the suitcase which is really good. But it is true that their reviews are a bit behind Merax luggage and coolife.

I have read hundreds of reviews of popular models to review and try to find common errors and problems. Then I have noticed that some of their affordable luggage is actually flexible and reasonably found to have some cracks. And I have also noticed that it is similar in the case of their fabrics and which can be slightly torn at the bottom edge.

Again many have complained that the actual dimensions do not match the dimensions expressed in the description of the luggage. But if you go to their website, not Amazon, and check the correct model. However, I think you can get the right dimensions including the wheel and handle shots.

Many customers have reviewed some of their models exceptionally well. Again there are some very bad reactions. It is better to avoid the set with the dense geography of the collected suitcase shots and 5 pieces of luggage. Because they are fairly poorly rated. We recommend reviewing before purchasing because not all of their luggage is equally reliable.

American Tourister luggage reviews of Quality

We know that American Tourister is an affordable luggage brand. They did not use more expensive materials to reduce the cost of luggage. They made hard luggage from ABS or ABS and a combination of polycarbonate and used polyester for soft luggage. We know that these materials are relatively inexpensive. Polycarbonate and aluminum are of high quality and expensive materials.
Anyway, hopefully, we found some common problems by reviewing the reviews. You have to be careful about these things

  1. Cracks in hard-side suitcases;
  2. Fabric luggage tears or dropped near the seam;
  3. The handles may be broken easily and
  4. Easy stains on hard luggage.

However, the problems are not so common. Those who misuse the luggage face this problem more. In fact, American Tourister luggage is not suitable for every user. It is more suitable for those who travel once or twice a year.

Although American tourist luggage is affordable, it is quite durable. Compared to development and affordable brands, American Twister luggage is more dependent than other brands. I would recommend it to those who travel a couple of times a year.

American Tourister luggage design and color review

The American Tourister luggage review is really beautiful to look at, combined with modern design, good structure, and fun. I would give luggage a score of 10 out of 10 in terms of beautiful, design, and design.

Brings a piece of good philosophy luggage not only for adults but also for children. Some of the luggage has Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Spiderman, and Avenger Friends printed on it, which is really a favorite of kids. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. They will be very happy to get it.

Besides, it is very nice to see in the hard side luggage. Above it is the Moonlight Spinner Rose Gold Spinner, printed on someone. However, such a design at such an affordable price is not really seen. Some models of American Tourister luggage are really incomparable considering the design.

American Tourister luggage warranty

Warranty is a very important issue in the case of luggage. We all know that Samsonite luggage has a reliable warranty. But what we don’t know is that American Tourister luggage has a reliable warranty. Because Samsonite and American Tourister are owned by the same person.

The American Twister Warranty is divided into three groups.
1. Limited Global Warranty;

2. Limited 10-year warranty; and

3. Limited 3-year warranty

The warranty does not apply to normal wear and misuse or damage to the aircraft. For example, if you bring a carousel with cracks in your luggage. However, you do not apply to the warranty because it is classified as aircraft damage.

Expert Advice:

If your suitcase is damaged by a baggage handler, please file a claim before leaving the airport. The airline is responsible for the damage to the luggage. Sometimes they don’t cover the wheels and handles, but each airline has different policies.

If you have to transport a suitcase to repair your warranty, you have two options:

1. Transport the bag yourself.

2. Take your bag to the nearest American tourist dealer and ask them to send it to you for 10 -15$ of the price.

The second method is convenient because the cost of 10 to 15$ is not very high, and American Tourist Dealer / Samsonite stores are very standard in most major cities of the world.

Also, if the warranty is not included in the packaging bag, you can purchase the repair parts separately by contacting its customer support department. Usually, this is the cheapest solution.

American Tourister luggage Price

We know American tourist luggage is relatively cheap but I have noticed that American tourist suitcases are more expensive than Rockland suitcases and Merax carrying suitcases, but still cheaper than Samsonite, TravelPro, or Delsey suitcases.
If you want to buy a hard and soft leather suitcase, you have to pay 60 to 100 dollars. To keep Samsonite with me or other things, I would pay 100 to 180$.
American tourist luggage is cheap, usually very cheap. For 3 suitcases (like pop max), I have to pay around 50 to 180 $.
I rated them based on durability and warranty and I fixed their price at 10 points (within 10 points)) which means, it’s hard to find better products at these prices.

Some Individual American Tourister luggage reviews are discussed here:

American Tourister Moonlight 21-inch luggage:

american tourister luggage review

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Name Features Comment
Brand American Tourister luggage Second Popular brand
Materials A mixture of ABS and Policarbonate Expandable and 100% pure
Dimension 22 x 15 x 9.5 inches Standard
Weight 8 lbs (3.62 kg) Light-weight
Price range Below 70$ Affordable
Color 12 colors Best
Warranty 10 years Best
Shop from Amazon Best online market

The Moonnight 21-inch carry-on luggage is one of the toughest luggage from the American Tourister Suitcase brand. I am now discussing in detail the American Tourister Midnight 21 Inch Carry On Luggage.

The American Tourister Moonnight 21 Inch Carry On is a piece of very durable luggage because they used a combination of ABS and polycarbonate to make it. We know that ABS is a fragile material but when it is made in combination with polycarbonate it does not break down easily and is more durable. You must know that polycarbonate is a high-quality highly tolerable material with extremely high heat absorption capacity. Polycarbonate does not break down easily and does not stain.

american tourister luggage review

The American Tourister Moonlight 21-inch luggage has some more important features. There are two handles at the top and side to carry the luggage nicely. The upper handle is extensible and the handle can be conveniently positioned in different positions. You can see that there are four wheels attached to the bottom of the luggage to make it easier to carry. The American Tourister Moonlight 21 inch luggage design is attractive to everyone because it has been tried to make it acceptable to everyone through different colors and patterns.

The American Tourister 21-inch luggage has attractive packing facilities. You can easily pack any kind of travel items. There are small pockets for beautiful packing of luggage where you can easily keep small items.

They used a beautiful zipper on the American Tourister 21-inch luggage. You’ll be happy to know that this is an expandable zipper that can increase the extra space by about 25 percent the size of a bag. This will add special benefits to your last minute shopping. You can carry the American Tourister 21-inch luggage on your shoulder if you wish because it has an X-shaped strap that helps carry the luggage. I think it’s really a little too much to expect more at such a low price. Overall I can say one thing and you may have realized that the American Tourister Moonlight 21 inch luggage at this price is an attractive choice for everyone.

American Tourister star wars 21 inches luggage:

american tourister luggage review

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Name Features Comment
Brand American Tourister luggage Second popular brand
Materials A mixture of ABS and Polycarbonate Durable
Dimension 21.5 x 15 x 9 inches Standard
Weight 6.88 lbs (3.12 kg) Light-weight
Price range Below 80$ Affordable
Color 7 colors Best
Warranty 10 years Best
Shop from Amazon Best online market

Now I’m talking about another interesting piece of luggage from the American Twister brand. It’s called American Tourister Star Wars 21 Inch hard-side Carry On Luggage. After knowing all the features, in fact, it may be an ideal choice for your child or husband or wife. I find in research that the American Tourister Star Wars 21-inch hard-side luggage is used by most adults.

The design of the luggage is truly incomparable. They have used some graphics that will catch everyone’s attention. In order to attract everyone’s attention, they have embellished the design of the Star Wars graphics on the luggage.

It can be used by people of all ages. American Tourister Star Wars Luggage is highly artistic and an ideal choice for gentlemen. They used ABS material in the luggage. We know that ABS is less durable than polycarbonate. However, the modern technology of American Twister has made it relatively strong and durable.

The American Tourister Star Wars 21-inch luggage has some important features. The luggage has handles at the top and side for easy carrying. The handle on the top of the luggage is retractable and can be made larger and smaller if necessary. Moreover, this retractable handle can be made to stand in different positions. As a result, people of all heights can easily carry it.

american tourister luggage review

In addition, the luggage has four wheels attached for easy movement and this wheel rotates quite easily. The American Tourister Star Wars 21-inch feature doesn’t add so many perky features. However, its main bogie is divided into two parts. There is a small pocket in the luggage for good packing and for keeping small items. All in all, packing is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

You are aware through the features of the luggage that it is a decent enough luggage. An ideal suitcase with affordable luggage, attractive graphics, and design, great customer reviews all combined. This is an ideal choice for your child or husband or adults who are fans of Star Wars or all people. It is unimaginable to get such luggage with such features at such an affordable price.

American Tourister Mickey Mouse polka dot 21 inches luggage.

Top 5 American Tourister Luggage Review in 2022

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Name Features Comment
Brand American Tourister luggage 2nd popular brand
Materials Polyester Medium Quality
Dimension 24 x 14.5 x 8 inches Standard
Weight 6.8 lbs (3.08 kg) Light-weight
Price range Below 110$ Affordable
Color 5 colors Best
Warranty 10 years Best
Shop from Amazon Best online market

Talking about a piece of interesting luggage from the American Tourister brand for kids or sweethearts. This luggage is called American Tourister Mickey Mouse 21 Inch Luggage. Are you planning to travel to Disneyland and buy a suitcase that matches it? In that case, the American Tourister Mickey Mouse Polka dot 21-inch luggage will be an attractive and main choice for your kids and sweethearts.

We are often concerned about kids buying good things. We like good things, but it is not attractive to children. I hope the American Tourister Mickey Mouse polka dot 21 inches carry on luggage maintains two things. The luggage maintains the attractive design and durability of the kids and everything we like.

Above the luggage are a few Mickey Mouse designs that make the luggage look very nice and attractive. The outer part of the American Tourister Mickey Mouse polka dot 21-inch luggage is made of polyester. We know that polyester is not very durable yet the luggage is extremely beautiful and attractive to look at. In a real sense, it is not so much acceptable for more or frequent travelers. However, you can use it for general travel.

American Tourister Mickey Mouse polka dot 21 inches luggage is a piece of affordable luggage. We can’t expect more features from it. The luggage has four wheels for a nice carrying. You’ll find expandable zippers in luggage that help increase luggage space by about 25%. You will find two handles at the top and side for carrying luggage nicely. The top handle of the luggage is retractable and you can position it conveniently. American Tourister Mickey Mouse Kids Luggage The interior is nicely decorated with a large zipper mesh bogie and two shoe pockets. You will find two pockets on the outside and one on the front for beautiful. Where small items can be stored. You can use these pockets to hold useful items.

In fact, American Tourister Mickey Mouse polka dot 21-inch luggage has great features. However it is affordable luggage and an ideal choice for travelers or kids who want to see beautiful Disneyland. If you have a small kids’ choice with luggage features or any plans for a Disney Land trip, I think buying this luggage is a good decision for you.

American Tourister Velton luggage review:

american tourister luggage review soft side

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Name Features Comment
Brand American Tourister luggage review 2nd Popular brand
Materials Polycarbonate 100% pure
Dimension 81 x 52 x 30 cm Standard
Weight 6.24 Kilograms Light-weight
Price range Below 130$ Not Affordable
Color Blue Best
Warranty 10 years Best
Shop from Amazon Best online market

We are now discussing modern and high-quality luggage from the American Tourister brand. Its name is American Tourister Velton hard-side luggage. In fact, it is an ideal and modern choice for travelers.

American Velton hard-side luggage has all kinds of modern conveniences. Four double spinner wheels are attached to carry the luggage well. The main feature of this wheel is that it does not make any noise while running. The wheels are attached to the luggage in a way that is extremely strong and very unlikely to break.

The American Tourister Velton hard-side luggage has two handles on the side and at the top, the upper handle can be conveniently shortened or enlarged. It can be placed in different positions. In addition, there is usually one more handle on the top of the luggage. American Tourister has added a TSA combination lock to the luggage to ensure the safety of the luggage and to avoid problems at the airport. There is a three-digit secret number to unlock the luggage.

The American Tourister Velton hard-side has high quality packing facilities in sturdy luggage. A rubber bell is fastened to the main compartment of the luggage. As a result, your items are not random. Also, there are three small and big pockets at the top. All these pockets have high-quality zippers.

The American Tourister Welton luggage has a USB charging port attached for the convenience of modern travelers. With all these benefits, you don’t have to worry about charging your mobile or other electronic devices.

The American Tourister Velton hard-side luggage places special emphasis on design and color in sturdy luggage. The luggage uses modern and high-quality colors and designs. All in all, this is one of the first options for modern and ideal travelers. Although the price of luggage is a little higher, I would say you will not find so many features of other brands at this price. The luggage is made of high-quality raw materials and technology, so you can use it for a long time.

American Tourister Pop Softside luggage set:

american tourister luggage review blue

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Name Features Comment
Brand American Tourister luggage 2nd popular brand
Materials Polyester Good
Dimension 3-piece(21/25/29) inches Standard
Weight 28 pounds Light-weight
Price range Below 150$ Affordable
Color 4 colors Best
Warranty 10 years Best
Shop from Amazon Best online market

I’m talking about the American Tourister brand luggage review 3 in set. This is an American Tourister luggage set consisting of three soft luggage. Its full name is American Twister Pop Max Soft Luggage Three-Piece Set. It is currently one of the most affordable three-piece luggage sets of the American Tourister brand. The American Tourister luggage set is currently available in the market in three colors. However, the color published in the photo above is very dear to me, I hope you like it.

For those who need more than one, I think this American Tourister 3-piece set Luggage is an ideal choice. The luggage is given different sizes in three. Their sizes are 21 inches 25 inches and 29 inches respectively.

Modern features and features have been added to the American Tourist Luggage 3- Piece Set. Four versatile spinner wheels have been added to each luggage. Which allows anyone to carry luggage easily. There are a total of three handles on the side and top of the twister luggage. The upper handle on the luggage is retractable and can be erected in different positions.

The American Tourister’s three-piece luggage has extremely good packing facilities. There are pockets to keep shoes inside the luggage. There are also two zipper pockets at the top, where you can keep small items. High-quality zippers have been added to the luggage. It is an expandable zipper that can be enlarged when needed.

American Tourister luggage review sets have a limited warranty of 10 years. A 10-year warranty is applicable against all damage related to luggage material and walkman ship. Overall, the American Star Max soft three-piece luggage is much cheaper and has more features. I have reviewed customer reviews. Most customers are satisfied with the luggage and they interpret it as a no-brainer. As a result, you will benefit if you buy the luggage. Thank you.