About US

Welcome to Ebusinesshomes.

What is ebusinesshomes.com?

Answer: Actually i realize that some customers may confuse to buy a product. They do not know which product is good or which product is bad. I want to help the customers to solve their problems. Ebusinesshomes always give the guidelines to remove the hesitation.

What is the purpose of ebusinesshomes?

Answer: Its prime purpose is to remove confusion to choose which product is the best one, which is most durable, which warranty is genuine.

Which are the main features to select luggage?

Answer: I know that most of the customers buy products depending on the budget. When they are happy to budget then they want to know about the warranty. Warranty is one of the major factors. We emphasize on warranty very much. Then you see the material. Luggage durability depends on materials.

Who is working to select the perfect luggage?

Answer: I have a team. They collect various news browsing many websites, research reviews of customers,. contact with customers and sometimes you test products.

I follow some strategies to select luggage. They are :

  1. Best luggage brands.
  2. Materials of luggage.
  3. Hard-side or soft-side luggage.
  4. Best and smart packing facilities.
  5. Following airlines rules and restriction.
  6. Best way to clean and disinfect luggage easily.
  7. Modern and classic design.
  8. Price and warranty.
  9. Handle and wheel and so on.

I always try to select the best luggage and explain the real information. But sometimes I realize that my information may seem to disappear. Actually, we know that information change with time. So, if you feel that any information seems wrong, please knock me. I will be very pleased for you.